Play-to-Earn Games List

Each play-to-earn game on this games list comes with a particular feature trending in the gaming industry: All of these crypto game options give you the chance to earn meaningful rewards and impactful in-game features as you progress in your play. Most noteworthy, since they follow the NFT gaming trend, you can quickly add value to your crypto wallets if you know how to invest and use the marketplace appropriately.

Additionally, even though it’s always great that you can earn real money in these games, the best part is that it is fun. These items on the list have irreplaceable gaming mechanics and artistic features. Hence, you can download and try them out until you find that video game that fits your style.

Play To Earn Games List

Without further ado, here’s our play-to-earn games list:

1. Axie Infinity

Play-to-Earn Games Axie Infinity
Image credit: Axie Infinity

Play with different virtual “creatures” with unique looks and skills. Every Axie that you collect in the game can do multiple activities within the game itself. For example, you can mix different Axies to breed exclusive offspring and enhance your collection. Furthermore, you could take these pixelated creatures into an Arena Battle or Adventure mode. Moreover, each Axie generates a distinctive “code” in Axie Infinity that you can keep in your account or exchange to other players for cash.

2. Kingdom Karnage

Collect cards representing powerful creatures that help you on the battlefield. When you build a meaningful deck, you can use its potential to fight in faction campaigns, or against other players in arenas, and even let you survive treacherous dungeons. Each card has its rarity (common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary), and you can either buy or sell anything in the market.

3. The Fabled

In this blockchain-based video game, you control a powerful champion and let you explore dangerous places filled with creatures and bosses. Furthermore, you can manage your hometown and make it a better place with your decisions. Most noteworthy, you can collect weapons or valuable items by crafting or with the assistance of the marketplace. Every element in the game is unique, and you can earn real money by playing the game.

4. Wizardium

Buy your matchless champion and venture into the fantasy world of this attractive video game. Depending on your alchemist level, you could easily/rarely obtain multiple elements as you explore the fantasy world of Wizardium. Afterward, you could mix your resources and make rewarding tokens to keep in your account or sell. In other words, the more you manage to play this game, the more chances you’ll get to increase your crypto wallet.

5. Cukies World

Play-to-Earn Games Cukies World
Image credit: Cukies World

Breed or collect different Cukies that can efficiently “mine” more cash into your pockets. All the multiple creatures that you’ll find in this video game are unique and come with their attributes and skills. Depending on the Cuki, you could collect exceptional gemstones, breed new creatures, or obtain food. Like other virtual managing games, you’ll need to keep your Cukies happy with the health and energy always in green status.

6. NBA Top Shot

This exceptional video game will let you collect the best moments from the official NBA tournaments. If you want to begin a wondrous journey, you’ll need to accumulate multiple packs and rip them out. With your collection, you can complete challenges and earn meaningful rewards. Afterward, these “moments” will enhance your team and help you defeat other players (future implementation). Above all, you’ll find the best basketball highlights with the official teams and outstanding players.

7. Art of War

In the Lunar Land world, you can build meaningful kingdoms with multiple currencies. Indeed, as you move towards your goal, you’ll need to build strong castles, form essential trade routes, and create/destroy alliances. Almost all of the assets that you can find in this video game have exclusive “codes” that you can buy or sell in the marketplace. Furthermore, you can earn powerful rewards by winning multiple battles in the Player versus Player arena.

8. The Sandbox

If you’re one of those players that like to build unique virtual words from pixel to pixel, this is the game for you. In the Sandbox, you can explore, shape the virtual place and sell multiple assets with the aid of the marketplace. As you keep sharing multiple gaming sessions in The Sandbox game, you’ll find rare characters or create entire buildings that can increase your crypto income. Most noteworthy, you can enhance your gaming experience by joining the community and meeting interesting new people.

9. SolChicks

Buy or sell multiple SolChicks in this NFT game, each with a distinctive set of looks, abilities, and stats. Since each of these creatures come with their name or number, you can sell your collection and earn real money in the process. Alternatively, you can use your SolChicks in different activities like Player versus Player Arenas or against powerful foes in a Raid. Moreover, this ARPG (Action Role-Playing Game) comes with a roadmap that lets you know about upcoming features and changes.

10. Noa

Play to Earn Game Noa
Image credit: Noa

The final game on our play-to-earn games list is Noa. Build your deck with a mixture of powerful “baby” champions and support elements that will surely guide you to multiple victories. All of the assets from this virtual game have NFT code; in other words, all of the features in the game can give you “real” rewards. As a result, you can even sell your starting deck and invest a little to buy rare cards with meaningful impacts in the game. Furthermore, you can use your powerful cards to win duels easily and move higher in the ranking system. Above all, each victory can give you rewards to help you reach the top.