Playermon Review: NFT Play to Earn Exploration Game

Voyage into deep space with our Playermon review. We’re here to guide you through the cosmos so that you learn the ultimate way to beat this awesome play-to-earn game. You’ll get to see what you need to do to get started playing PlayerMon and we’ll show you what kinds of PlayMon tokens you can pick up. Plus we’ll even highlight the many different kinds of PlayerMon NFT. Keep reading to find out more!

What is Playermon?

The basic concept of the Playermon game is where you explore and battle across the universe with your squad of Playermons. These might look like cute and cuddly sci-fi creatures, but they have got real earning potential. 

PlayerMon Crypto Game
Image credit: Playermon

This is because each Playermon is an NFT and therefore a highly tradable item. Think of Pokemon with a space-age twist and a bunch of blockchain features and you’ll be getting a good idea of what this crypto game is all about. We should note that while the game is on the Polygon blockchain, this is fully compatible with Ethereum and therefore you can trade all of your NFTs at all of the biggest NFT marketplaces. 


There’s an entire universe of gaming options in this play-to-earn game. You’ll begin by colonising planets in order to gain a toehold in the universe. From here you can get to work in earning those all-important resources that are essential for your intergalactic survival. Once you have sufficiently strengthened your space fleet, you’ll finally be ready to battle with other players in a quest for interstellar supremacy.

However, the real fun begins once you start breeding your characters. This is because they all have their own unique characteristics and you’ll get to evolve your own fleet of unstoppable creatures. 

The gameplay takes place against a pretty yet simplistic view of alien worlds where you’ll see your PlayerMons locked in battle, wandering around and so on. The battle sections are the turn-based combat that you get in other collectible card games. 

Image credit: PlayerMon


The main token is the $PYM token. There are one billion of these governance and DeFi tokens in existence and they give you the right to have a say in where the PlayerMon project heads next. 

However, the token SGEM is what you need to really progress through the crypto game. You can earn SGEM simply by completing a variety of cosmic daily quests. From here you can use your tokens to upgrade and breed your cute alien beings, or even just buy eggs of even entire PlayerMon creatures themselves on the marketplace (image above). 

A token can also be used to buy the items necessary to craft essential in-game items. Plus if you manage to get a lot of these tokens, you’ll even be able to start work on the construction of your own colonial space base!


An NFT is basically a digital asset representing one of the cute characters featured in the crypto game. This means that you could get an NFT for the character of Comet, Aqua, Fire or any of the other cuddly extraterrestrial beings. 

But it doesn’t stop there because every character has unique characteristics for things like head, leg, tail object, and arm. Plus you’ll find different levels of rarity for the PlayerMon NFTs that you buy, sell and trade.