Idle Cyber Review: An Idle Frontier-Defense Play to Earn Game

Our Idle Cyber review found that this is an awesome frontier-defence game with a crypto twist. This is because you can earn awesome NFTs simply by commanding your team of humanoid mutants to fend off a series of hostile intergalactic cyborgs. Sounds fun, right? So let’s take a closer look at what the Idle Cyber game is like and learn what you have to do to save our planet from cosmic catastrophe!

What is Idle Cyber?

Idle Cyber is a crypto game based on the Binance smart blockchain. This means that you can earn tradable tokens and NFTs from your gameplay. Such items can have real-world value depending on demand and Idle Cyber is the latest in a series of play-to-earn games that make NFTs a central part of their appeal.

Idle Cyber Crypto Game
Image credit: Idle Cyber

However it’s not all about blockchain technology. There’s a fairly lengthy backstory that sets the game in 2088 when something nasty called Judge Day has happened. This has basically meant that a bunch of murderous cyborgs have plans to destroy planet Earth. Thankfully you are here with your crypto wallet to fend them off using your NFT heroes to build the giant walls necessary to stave off the bad guys. 


This game’s main focus is where you build up a hero collection to defend your planet. This means getting the right mix of characters like Ricardo, Annette and Kara who have their own individual talents that you have to deploy at the right time. 

Beyond the basic features of the RPG game, you’ll find that there are plenty more opportunities to play to earn. This means that you’ll have to battle your way through a seemingly infinite number of level collecting resources, destroying bosses and so on. There’s also a cool PvP mode to keep things interesting.


Playing Idle Cyber is all about getting and collecting those $AFK tokens. These are the main Idle Cyber token that gives you governance over your affairs in the game. This means that once you have enough $AFK tokens, you’ll get to improve the attributes of your heroes and develop other important features critical to the success of your planet-saving mission. 

Idle Cyber Crypto Game
Image credit: Idle Cyber

However, this isn’t the only token to feature in the game. This is because you will also be on the hunt for $IDLE tokens. These are the tokens you need to equip your heroes with evermore devastating weapons and other gear. The $IDLE token is also used to power any updates in the game along with trading, getting rewards, and much more. 

Idle Cyber NFTs

This game was launched by allowing players to buy NFTs for each of the 64 playable characters in the game. This follows the trend set by other trailblazing NFT games like Axie Infinity whereby players get to earn items of potentially real value through their gameplay. 

Each NFT you get can be sold or traded on a regular NFT marketplace or you could even choose to upgrade them through the Idle Cyber system. All of the NFTs come with some stunning graphics and a good amount of context to help you figure out where the hero sits in the metaverse. From the formidable strength of Droid 88 to the guile of Roi, there’s plenty to discover. So play Idle Cyber and start collecting those NFTs!