MetaWars Review: Play to Earn Space Adventure Crypto Game

Welcome to our MetaWars review. We found that the crypto game is a great example of what you should be looking for if you want a play-to-earn game. Plus you’ll find no shortage of cool NFT items to trade when you show your skill on this space-themed strategy game. So let’s take a closer look at what MetaWars is and the best ways that you can play it.

What is MetaWars?

MetaWars is a science-fiction crypto game that’s based on the Binance blockchain. It’s a galaxy-sized game featuring an endless range of opportunities for picking up tokens and NFTs. You can simply explore the cosmos in search of tradable items, or go all out in conquest mode and battle your opponents. 

MetaWars Crypto Game
Image credit: MetaWars

You can start playing MetaWars by paying a small amount in Binance Coin to get your first NFT planet. Each planet has different amounts of rarity and corresponding resources. The planet you get assigned is largely based on luck, but from here you’ll get chance to upgrade your intergalactic efforts. This comes through equipping your space fleets with all the required weapons and equipment to survive your cosmic journey. An entire universe of crypto trading options to enjoy!

What is the gameplay like?

This play-to-earn game is one where you simply scour the universe in search of all different kinds of token. You’ll be heading off to distant planets to mine for tokens and boost your intergalactic power. Once you conquer its planet, you’ll get all of its earning potential. 

It’s a game that’s also packed with plenty of cool bonus missions that give you even more benefits for your interstellar travel. These see you tackling tricky challenges like wormholes, prehistoric planets covered with gems, habitable planets lurking with vicious creatures and much more. Just keep your eye out for the mythical Eden Garden of space that has some incredible temptations but requires some skilful exploration. 

MetaWars Crypto Game
Image credit: MetaWars

MetaWars Token

All of your game progress will be based on how successfully you collect the $WARS tokens. These rule the metaverse surrounding you and they are actually a BEP-20 token. Once you have collected enough of these kinds of MetaWars token, you can then claim rewards by staking the tokens and gain power to decide important aspects of the metaverse future. 

There are other tokens in the MetaWars game such as the $GAM token that you can use for staking with your planet NFT in order to get further rewards. All of which shows that there is an entire universe of trading possibilities in MetaWars. 

Trading a MetaWars NFT

As an NFT game, MetaWars launched with a great NFT auction that gave gamers a cut-price way to get their hands on some highly collectible items. These included a Mythical Mech Crate, Legendary Mech Crate and Epic Mech Crate. All of which contained awesome bits of kit like weapons, gems and blueprints to power your way through the game. The accepted currency for these NFT auctions is Binance Coin. 

However, there are many more NFTs in MetaWars. For example, there are even entire planet NFTs that contain $WARS tokens and other valuable resources. You are given the option to stake your NFT into an exploration pool and get extra resources for your planet. This means that you can earn rewards even while your space fleet is taking a break!