Elemon Review: Play to Earn NFT Digital Monster Platform

Our Elemon review found that this is a seriously cute play-to-earn game. Plus the whole thing is based on blockchain tech so that you can pick up tokens and trade your well-earned NFTs. So let’s have a look at how to play this game and what you need to do to succeed in this awesome crypto game

What is Elemon?

Elemon is a play-to-earn game that’s based on the Binance smart blockchain. Just so you know, this is compatible with other blockchain technology like Ethereum and Solana. 

Beyond the blockchain tech, you’ll see that Elemon is basically a fantasy game that features all manner of dragons and other mythical beasts. The whole thing is rendered in a pleasing cartoon aesthetic and there’s also a typically convoluted backstory about the beautiful world of Elematris that was coming under threat from the dark empire. Thankfully a hero arrived in the form of a guy called Origin and he recruited a team of helpers called Elementors to fight off corruptors and stuff like that. There’s a whole lot more backstory about things like invisible realms and so on, but we think that you get the idea. 

Elemon Crypto Game
Image credit: Elemon


Elemon is all about building up your team of Elemons to try and regain peace across the tranquil lands of Elematris. There are literally thousands of Elemons to pick and choose from, and once you’ve assembled your squad you will get to send them into battle against other players. Success in battle is a case of having the right Elemons and using them in the right way. 

You can start in the Idle Campaign which is where you simply collect resources for your Elemons. While you use energy points to do this, it’s actually pretty passive and you’ll get rewarded with character EXP and much more. 

But it’s way more fun in the PvP mode. This is where you build your own island base and then defend your territory against attacks. You’ll also have the option to go looting on the island bases of other players. There’s also a cool daily challenge where you get to take on the World Boss where you’ll get to pick up some truly massive reward. 

Image credit: Elemon

ELMON Tokens

You’ll have to get a crypto wallet in order to buy the ELMON tokens that are used to make your way through the play-to-earn game. There are two billion ELMON tokens and they are basically used to collect the points that you need to redeem your NFTs. 

The ELMON tokens are also the main in-game currency and you’ll use these tokens to summon your team, strengthen your defences, get better equipment, and much more. 

Elemon NFTs

This NFT game is populated by thousands of Elemons creatures who all have their own different skills and characteristics like health points, physical attack, magical attack, speed, dodge, and so on. There are different ranks of Elemon rarity ranging from Basic and Advance all the way through to Super that governs their value. Plus there are different elemental types of Elemon like fire, water, ice, electric and much more. All of which is combined together to make a uniquely tradable NFT. 

Owning an Elemon means summoning them or you can even purchase an Elemon on the marketplace. So start playing the Elemon game to build up your collection of these highly tradable digital assets!