LCS Spring Week 3 Recap

The LCS Spring week 3 is behind us now with many surprising results, FlyQuest and Team Liquid sharing the lead with five wins and one loss each.

LCS 2022 Spring Split Week 3 Day 1


  • Golden Guardians | 0 – 1 | 100 Thieves
  • Immortals | 0 – 1 | TSM
  • Team Liquid | 1 – 0 | Evil Geniuses
  • FlyQuest | 1 – 0 | Dignitas
  • Counter Logic Gaming | 1 – 0 | Cloud9

What happened:

The LCS 2022 Spring Split week 3 started with Golden Guardian’s big test against 100 Thieves. The young team performed decently last week, securing two wins in a row but the streak ended this week. 100 Thieves were much better on the rift, especially with Ssumday’s performance. The latest champions started the week with an important win. Next, TSM secured their first win of the season. Despite having a great roster, the well-known organization has failed to impress their fans with four losses in a row but this week, they secured their first win over Immortals.

Team Liquid demolished Evil Geniuses’ hopes with Santorin behind the steering wheel, controlling the map from the start to the very end. It was an important game for both sides as they want to stay in the championship race but TL played better and took the win. Santorin’s Volibear was all over the map, helping his lanes in the early game.

This year’s biggest surprise, FlyQuest continued their good form and picked up an important win over Dignitas. FLY’s Argentinian jungler Josedeodo played his heart out with his favorite champion Lee Sin. FlyQuest showed a dominant performance, securing every objective throughout the map to secure themselves an easy win. Lastly, the young Counter Logic Gaming roster picked up their first win over Cloud9 this week. Palafox carried his team to their first victory and won the MVP award.

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LCS 2022 Spring Split Week 3 Day 2


  • Immortals | 1 – 0 | Evil Geniuses
  • FlyQuest | 1 – 0 | 100 Thieves
  • TSM | 0 – 1 | Cloud9
  • Golden Guardians | 1 – 0 | Dignitas
  • Team Liquid | 1 – 0 | Counter Logic Gaming

What happened:

The second day of the esports LCS 2022 Spring Split Week 3 started with Immortals’ dominance over Evil Geniuses. EG lost both of their games this week and they are now out of the playoff bracket. On the other hand, Immortals got one more step closer to playoffs. Secondly, FlyQuest’s form continued against the latest champions, 100 Thieves. 100T tried their best until the very end and the game was pretty close but Kumo’s Tryndamere decided the winner.

After getting their first win of the season, TSM struggled against Cloud9 and lost their fifth game this season. C9 got their first win without their head coach, LS. Golden Guardians concluded their third week run with a win against Dignitas. They are now even with DIG in terms of wins and losses. On the other hand, Dignitas lost their last two games and they need to improve their late-game performances to succeed at the end of the year. Lastly, Team Liquid stayed in the leadership race as they upset CLG to close out the week. CLG and TSM share the last spot in the standings.

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