LCS 2022 Spring Week 2 Recap

The LCS 2022 Spring Split Week 2 has come to an end with all the teams losing at least once, five teams matching each other with three wins and a single loss. There were many surprising results last week and this week the competition was even better. Here is everything that happened during the second week of this split’s LCS action!

LCS 2022 Spring Split Week 2 Day 1


  • Evil Geniuses | 1 – 0 | Dignitas
  • Immortals | 1 – 0 | 100 Thieves
  • Team Liquid | 1 – 0 | Cloud9
  • Golden Guardians | 1 – 0 | Counter Logic Gaming
  • TSM | 0 – 1 | FlyQuest

What happened:

Starting with EG’s win over, Dignitas, LCS 2022 Spring Week 2 had a magnificent opening with jojopyun carrying his team to the victory. The Canadian player had Corki in his hands to destroy the later stages of the competition. In the second game of the week, last year’s champions 100 Thieves, faced an early loss against this year’s fairly less competitive representatives, Immortals. Thieves were aiming for a longer streak to have an impactful start to the season.

The first day’s most important game for most of the fans, Team Liquid and Cloud9’s battle was very close until the end. However, Hans sama hyper carry potential got activated as the Jinx in his hands got stronger. Liquid won the game to remain closer to the first position. Golden Guardians took down Counter Logic Gaming after a 0-2 week last time. Looking at it from a fair point, Golden Guardians are trying to make it to the playoffs stage and these kinds of wins are important for them.

Lastly, TSM’s winless record continued as FlyQuest showed no mercy to their strong opponents. FLY’s toucouille had a great performance to take the win home. On the other side, TSM’s struggles continued.

LCS 2022 Spring Split Week 2 Day 2


  • Immortals | 0 – 1 | Cloud9
  • TSM | 0 – 1 | Golden Guardians
  • Evil Geniuses | 0 – 1 | 100 Thieves
  • Team Liquid | 1 – 0 | FlyQuest
  • Dignitas | 1 – 0 | Counter Logic Gaming

What happened:

Fudge brought us the Zilean mid-pick that we are used to seeing from Bjergsen. It turned out great for C9’s draft and they created great space for Berserker’s Ezreal to step up. The South Korean marksman carried his team on his shoulders during the late game fights and C9 secured their third win of the year. TSM upset many fans once again as they showed an awful performance against Golden Guardians. As mentioned above, GG are not a contender for this year’s trophy but Team Solo Mid formed a competitive roster just to win the trophy. The future looks dark for TSM as they are now at rock bottom without a single win and four losses.

The remaining champions, 100 Thieves, won their game against Evil Geniuses to stay with Cloud9 at the very top. It is also important for the Thieves to dominate a strong team like EG. Next, we had Team Liquid’s battle against FlyQuest. Both teams won their first games of the week but today, TL closed the week without a loss. Despite CoreJJ’s absence, they are still looking fresh and ready for the battle.

Lastly, Dignitas took down Counter Logic Gaming in the closing game of the week. Surprisingly DIG’s chemistry is at a great level right now.

LCS 2022 Spring Split Week 2 is over now and we are already looking for more action next week. If you are curious about the European leg, you can find more in our LEC recap.