LEC 2022 Spring Week 4 Recap

The LEC 2022 Spring Week 4 is over now with Rogue dominating the league once again with nine wins in a row. Here is the recap for the European League of Legends league, LEC’s fourth week.

LEC 2022 Spring Week 4 Day 1


  • SK Gaming | 1 – 0 | Astralis
  • Rogue | 1 – 0 | EXCEL
  • Team Vitality | 1 – 0 | Misfits Gaming
  • Team BDS | 0 – 1 | G2 Esports
  • MAD Lions | 0 – 1 | Fnatic

What happened:

The fourth week of competition started with SK’s fairly easy battle against Astralis. The Danish team are at rock bottom, still without a win. SK Gaming used their teamwork perfectly to make an awesome start to the week. Rogue are playing on a different level this year, especially with their new jungle Malrang’s incredible individual performance. Surprisingly, their chemistry is also the highest in the league, which put them ahead of EXCEL. Rogue won their first game of the week to keep their “undefeated” title alive.

The super-team, Team Vitality, had a diffuclt exam against Misfits Gaming but the French organisation gave no casualties on LEC 2022 Spring Week 4 Day 1. With all these superstars on the same roster, it takes some time to form the chemistry they need and it looks like Vitality are on the right path as they secured their fifth win this season, two in a row.

G2 Esports made huge roster changes before the season and they are one of the contenders of the trophy once again. With BrokenBlade’s flexibility, they almost never lose a draft and that is what happened in their game against Team BDS. G2 Esports closed out the game to get their sixth win of the season. Lastly, last year’s champions, MAD Lions failed to show their full potential against Fnatic, Humanoid’s new home. Fnatic got closer to Rogue who are sitting in the first place.

LEC 2022 Spring Week 4 Day 2


  • SK Gaming | 0 – 1 | Misfits Gaming
  • Team BDS | 0 – 1 | MAD Lions
  • Team Vitality | 1 – 0 | Astralis
  • Fnatic | 0 – 1 | EXCEL
  • Rogue | 1 – 0 | G2 Esports

What happened:

Starting with SK Gaming once again, the second day of LEC 2022 Spring Week 4 started with Misfits Gaming’s dominance. Vetheo played out of his mind to secure his team an important win to close out the week for them. MAD Lions had a second chance to stay closer to the leader and they didn’t turn down the offer. The latest champions had a marvelous win over Team BDS, most importantly with Kaiser’s performance.

Team Vitality closed out the fourth week with a win over Astralis. AST stayed winless, at the rock bottom of the competition out of nine teams. Vitality’s mid later and superstar Perkz stepped up with Orianna in his hands to secure themselves the second win of the week.

Surprisingly, EXCEL secured an important win over Fnatic to close out the week for them. On the other side, Fnatic had a questionable performance in their last game. Lastly, Rogue had the most important game for them this split, securing an important win over G2 Esports to stay undefeated.

The upcoming week will be played starting this weekend. Let’s see if Rogue can keep their title alive and maybe we could even see Astralis grabbing a win for the first time this split. Apart from LEC, don’t forget to check our Fantasy LCS and LCS recap!