LCS 2022 Spring Week 1 Recap

The LCS 2022 Spring Split Week 1 has come to an end with the latest champions 100 Thieves’ dominance over their opponents. Here’s a summary of what went down during the first week of the League of Legends Championship Series.

LCS 2022 Spring Split Week 1 Day 1


  • TSM | 0 – 1 | Evil Geniuses
  • FlyQuest | 1 – 0 | Counter Logic Gaming
  • Team Liquid | 0 – 1 | 100 Thieves
  • Golden Guardians | 0 – 1 | Cloud9
  • Immortals | 0 – 1 | Dignitas

What happened:

This year’s LCS fire started with the competition between TSM and Evil Geniuses. Both teams battled against each other with their newly formed rosters. In the end, EG stepped up during the later stages of the game to win the season opener, thanks to Danny’s insane efforts. Secondly, FlyQuest and Counter Logic Gaming had their first games of the season against each other. FLY’s mid-jungle duo Josedeodo and toucouille carried their teams to victory after a ying-yang 49-minute fiesta.

The most important game for most of the fans was next, Team Liquid-100 Thieves. Due to green card issues, CoreJJ was unable to play and Eyla supported Hans sama in the laning phase. The Turkish jungler of 100 Theives, Closer, had a monstrous performance in the early stages and helped his solo laners to get small leads. 100T’s FBI carried his team with Aphelios in his hands to get his team the first win of the season. Coming next, this year’s underdogs, Golden Guardians came up against Cloud9 but failed to show any life pulses. Fudge’s Ivern mid-choice ended GG’s dreams.

Dignitas and Immortals played in the last game of the first day. DIG’s Neo stepped up during the early stages of the competition while Blue’s LeBlanc got stronger minute after minute. The yellow side demolished their opponents with a 17-3 kill score, in the end, closing the game in 31 minutes to get their first win in the LCS 2022 Spring Week 1.

LCS 2022 Spring Split Week 1 Day 2


  • Counter Logic Gaming | 0 – 1 | 100 Thieves
  • TSM | 0 – 1 | Dignitas
  • Evil Geniuses | 0 – 1 | Cloud9
  • Golden Guardians | 0 – 1 | FlyQuest
  • Immortals | 0 – 1 | Team Liquid

What happened:

The second week of the action was played on the Esports Arena of LCS. 100 Thieves started the second game with dominance in Closer and Luger’s battle. Despite CLG’s “different” draft plan, 100 Thieves had a marvelous macro to win the match in 31 minutes. With their new roster, TSM had a second showing in the first game but this time, it was against DIG. Even though it was really close for both sides until the later stages of the competition, Neo’s Aphelios became unstoppable. Keaiduo’s efforts weren’t enough as DIG secured their second win in the opening week.

After their win over TSM, EG faced a much harder opponent, Cloud9. Just like the first game, Fudge made an unpredictable choice and picked Soraka against Viktor. Berserker smurfed throughout the game to secure themselves another win in the LCS 2022 Spring Week 1. Two “mostly” young rosters, FlyQuest and Golden Guardians came up against each other in a very close matchup. The game went both sides before FLY’s Baron steal. After that point, the greens destroyed GG’s Nexus to complete their perfect start.

Lastly, Team Liquid grabbed the last win of the week over Immortals. They didn’t have CoreJJ on the rift but it didn’t matter as Bjergsen picked Zilean and supported his teammates from the start to the very end.

The second week of LCS 2022 Spring Split will be live next weekend, starting with the EG-DIG matchup. Don’t forget to make your choices for the upcoming week on Fantasy LCS!