Battle of Guardians: Step into the Gaming Arena

Battle of Guardians is a blockchain NFT game where multiple players are afforded a gaming experience of a lifetime. Also known as BOG, the Battle of Guardians crypto game is an NFT fighting game that occurs in real-time among multiple players. These players seek to earn rewards by participating in fierce one-on-one battles when they fight against themselves.

Built using the Solana Network and Unreal Engine by expert software developers, Battle of Guardians was created based on future projections to help in the stability of the economy and massive contribution to the combat game industry.

With the opportunity to earn special rewards and tokens on this platform, players derive optimum satisfaction and value for their time and energy. It is interesting to know that the currencies earned while playing the Battle of Guardians can be converted into real money. This alone will ginger players to turn combat kings because they know that the more they train and fight, the more rewards they make and the more they climb higher on the leaders’ board.

Battle of Guardians Crypto Games
Image credit: Battle of Guardians

The Vision for Battle of Guardians

The brains behind the creation of the Battle of the Guardians have creatively envisioned an NFT marketplace dedicated to players with the aim to develop everything around the game.

The BOG has a strong conviction for a very awesome future for the metaverse and believes that blockchain games should be available to players as play-to-earn platforms and not the conventional ‘earn and no play.’

A completely different landscape for modern-day gaming, the fusion of different bright technological ideas into one to bring out the best in the fighting game industry, is what the Battle of Guardians crypto game is all about. From the trading of in-game NFT assets for the creation of a burgeoning economy to the elevation of the value of your NFT, the BOG has successfully become a high-value and solution-oriented gaming platform where players also have fun.

Key Features

In-Game Currencies

In order to successfully make transactions, the in-game currencies are what players use. These currencies or tokens are divided into two, namely the Fighting Points ($FP), which is the secondary token, and the Battle of Guardians Share ($BGS), which is the primary token. Both are needed to make NFT characters purchases and game modes participation. The $FP is useful for participants’ tournament entries, while the $BGS is excellent for governance within the game.

Battle of Guardians Gaming Modes

There are also different modes available to users, including the Arena mode, Story mode, and Tournament mode. The Arena mode features the player-vs-player (PvP) mode, where players combat other online players. After selection, a clash will be initiated, where you will be paired for a match. For playing brilliantly, you earn points and climb the leaders’ board.

On the other hand, the story mode is based on the PvE rather than PvP. A player combats with different AI characters while developing as a player. The result of this is the upward trajectory experienced during the gaming through the unlocking of difficulty levels. In this mode, players build their knowledge and familiarize themselves with the various methods and tricks before fighting real players.

Extra payments are a major feature of the Tournament mode. This mode also involves the knockout after 8, 16, or 32 players must have organized a tournament. Depending on your performance in each knockout round, you could win the ultimate prize.

NFT Characters

The game developers sell characters. You will need to stake the primary token (the $BGS) to buy these characters. Note that you will not be able to play the game without the NFT characters.

The three-character packages involved are grouped depending on their rarity types: Common, Ultra-Rare, and Rare.

Battle of Guardians Crypto Game
Image credit: Battle of Guardians

Meanwhile, the three basic characters are humans, guardians, and demons. These characters all have their importance and have different unique characteristics. They are also divided into tiers: the God of War, the Legendary Warrior, and the Elite Fighter.

NFT Renting

This system is a feature that demonstrates the profitability nature of this platform. Players of this NFT game would not want a better platform to play and earn seamlessly. The NFT renting is all about the freedom of owners to rent their NFT assets to other skillful players who are also ready to earn. This gives room for enlargement within the Battle of Guardians crypto game.

Battle of Guardians Scholarships

The scholarship scheme of the Battle of Guardians is the platform where profits are divided. This scholarship program has been built inside their smart contract. Just before the NFT characters are leased, Scholars and Guilds decide on a shared agreement formula, and then earnings are split systematically.


This fantastic 21st-century combat gaming arena offers a lot of economic potentials. It may not look big now but based on available statistics; there is no better time to introduce the Battle of Guardians Crypto game to players other than now. Train, play, lend and earn. Welcome to the world of crypto gaming.