Troverse: Space Exploration P2E Game

Troverse is an up-and-coming NFT-based crypto game. It takes the format of a space explorer game a la No Man’s Sky, however with quite a few differences. First up it takes on the format of an NFT game, which means that players actually own the assets that they mint and buy, rather than only ‘licensing’ them from the game’s creators. This gives players and investors a genuine stake in the game, and an additional incentive to play. Like most NFT games, Troverse is also play-to-earn and users can mint and earn crypto while they play.


As for the actual gameplay – Troverse is a space exploration and survival game set in a wide universe filled with varied 3D planets and environments. Users explore and try to survive in the challenging worlds they travel through. They will mine for valuable NFTs and collect resources used for crafting and survival.

Troverse 3D Planet
Image credit: Troverse

Troverse features some pretty advanced graphics and gameplay mechanics compared to a lot of competing crypto games.  With little to no games in the crypto space being able to match up to the AAA standard that we’re used to from non-crypto games, Troverse is set to really change up the proverbial game.

Troverse NFTs

Central to Troverse are the planets that users can explore and mine on. Planets too are NFTs, and users can purchase them with ETH and own them. The planets also make up the most important aspect when it comes to earning money. Owning planets offers options for passive income through things like taxes and early access. Players don’t have to have a planet to be able to enjoy the game when it fully releases.

Planet owners will have the option of accessing the game a little earlier than other players, and they will continue to earn royalties from the explorations of other players on their planets. They also have control of some of the facilities built on the planets as well, and can charge other users  for using them.

Troverse NFT Planets
Image credit: Troverse

Planets are limited to a total of 10,000, with no more being produced in the future. So in other words, the valuable planet resources are quite limited. Other NFTs that can be minted in the planets later are slightly different. While the NFTs themselves are unique, the resources needed for survival on the planets will respawn, to make sure the game has long-term playability and user appeal.


Another angle of play is the trade and ecosystem – players can buy, sell and trade resources that are available in varying amounts in different environments. So you may find yourself short of something important on a planet with little food but lots of minerals and then you’ll need to engage with the marketplace to get what you need. You’ll be able to trade for in-game and on-chain currency, something you’ll also have to do in order to get all the tools you need to advance your explorations.