Untamed Isles Review: NFT-Powered MMORPG

Fancy a walk on the wild side? Then join us in our Untamed Isles review! We’ve found that this is definitely one of the more engrossing crypto games out there. This means that you can actually enjoy the gameplay without constantly being reminded that every move you make gets logged on the blockchain. However, it’s still a play-to-earn game so you’ll get rewarded for all of your efforts in taming those Untamed Isles. So let’s take a closer look at what this game is all about!

What is Untamed Isles?

Untamed Isles is a play-to-earn crypto game from the New Zealand-based Phat Loot Studios game developer. It’s playable on a PC or Mac. In terms of genre, you could say that Untamed Isles is a pretty standard MMORPG game. It gives you the basic task of taming and hunting monsters called Tames across the different islands. But there’s also a whole other side to it where you can interact with other players to trade tokens or just fight monsters against other monsters. 

Untamed Isles Play to Earn
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Thankfully, the blockchain side takes something of a backseat to the main gaming entertainment. In fact, you can play the whole of Untamed Isles without having to opt in to the blockchain side of the title. It’s a beautiful game with far more complexity used in depicting the natural landscapes compared to some of the more simplistic crypto games.  So if you’ve ever wanted to play something like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild with a crypto twist, be sure to give this game a try. 


Ultimately your job is to turn the untamed isles into tamed isles. This is because you have to tame all manner of fearsome creatures and you’ll get rewarded for your efforts. There are many different ways to do this and you’ll get to pick up a bunch of different skills that range from fishing to even bug catching!

There is a range of different quests to undertake, but whether you’re rune charging, fruit catching, or just watching the weather change, you’ll be mesmerised by this wonderful world.

Untamed Isles Token

Untamed Isles features a unique in-game economy. This is a sophisticated trading system that gives you the chance to swap items or even some of the Tames monsters themselves. Remember that each of the Tames has a real-world value and you can even trade them for real-world currencies. These have their own characteristics such as attack, defense, special defense, agility, luck, vitality and special attack. The Tames also have a range of levels that progress as the game itself unfolds.  

Untamed Isles Crypto Game
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As an NFT game, each of the above in-game items is actually an NFT that will log your ownership of the item on the blockchain. The main kinds of NFTs you’ll see in this game are the Guppy Gang NFTs. There are 10,000 NFT art pieces from Untamed Isles and they all portray the main Guppy which is the original Tame monster from the game. 

By getting one of these Guppy Gang NFTs, players will get preferential treatment for more promos and could even be first in line to get more exclusive NFTs. Don’t forget that there will also be special events like the Guppy Paradise Fair where you can pick up more NFT items. 

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