DreamHack tournaments – All you need to know about the best esports contests

Welcome to our guide to DreamHack tournaments in the UK and elsewhere. If you’ve watched previous editions of these esports tournaments such as DreamHack Montreal or DreamHack in Austin from the UK, you will know that this contest showcases the best in pro gaming entertainment.

But why should you be paying attention to DreamHack tournaments in the UK? After all, this is a Swedish esports organisation and they very rarely come near our shores. Our guide to DreamHack will explain why this competition always provides the best in esports betting action, no matter what your location is.

We’ll give you a rundown of how DreamHack rose to become a world-beater, and give you a couple of examples of DreamHack tournaments that should illustrate why this contest should always be factored into your wagering. And just to make sure that you have all you need, we will also let you know who won DreamHack 2018 too.

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A quick history of DreamHack tournaments in the UK and beyond

Whilst DreamHack is now well-known as being the world’s largest digital festival, the esports competition had much more humble origins. This is because DreamHack was started by a enthusiastic group of Swedish gamers who played competitive games in their school basement in the early 1990s. From here the competitions evolved to its current headquarters of the Swedish city Jonkoping, and we could see the traditional DreamHack Summer and DreamHack Winter tournaments taking shape.

In the past decade DreamHack has teamed up with some of the biggest names in esports. We’ve seen DreamHack hosting the League of Legends World Championship in 2011 and partnerships with Major League Gaming and ESL have further boosted their cause. Whilst the focus of DreamHack events are on esports, they take in much more to include digital arts competitions, live concerts and all the best in cutting-edge technology.

What we learned from DreamHack Montreal, DreamHack in Austin and more

DreamHack is so much more than just a Swedish gaming extravaganza, as we have seen this digital festival travelling all over the world. DreamHack tournaments in the UK saw an awesome gaming event in London where CSGO pro gamers competed for a $40,000 prize pool. But with great DreamHack contests taking place everywhere from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil to Mumbai in India, it’s clear that this competition has got the world in its sights.

DreamHack in Austin in 2016 was the first time that the event came to American soil, and the Counter Strike tournament quickly led to many more contests on the continent. From 2019’s SMITE tournament in Atlanta to the excellent CSGO challenge in Montreal, it looks like DreamHack is well on its way to becoming a key player in the North American competitive gaming scene.

Dreamhack Tournaments, Master Dallas 2019
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Past successes: Who won DreamHack 2018 and previous gaming events?

DreamHack held a number of spectacular gaming showdowns throughout 2018 with events in Seville, Tours, Valencia, Copenhagen and Mumbai. But it’s always the DreamHack Summer and Winter events that show of the best of this pro gaming tournament. So who won DreamHack 2018?

The DreamHack Summer 2018 event once again took place in Jonkoping, Sweden and gaming fans were treated to The Imperial beating OpTic Gaming to pick up the lion’s share of the $100,000 prize pool. What made this all the more exciting was the fact that this was the first time that a non-invited CSGO team had won a DreamHack tournament.

Not that the 2018 DreamHack Winter competition was any less enthralling. This saw the G2 esports organisation narrowly beating PENTA Sports in a gripping Rainbow Six Siege final. The four day festival also produced plenty more awesome action for titles like Quake, Hearthstone and Super Smash Bros to prove that it truly is one of the world’s best competitive gaming tournaments.

Will there be future DreamHack tournaments in the UK?

The DreamHack Open in London in 2015 showed that the UK can definitely handle a gaming tournament of DreamHack’s stature, and it’s surely only a matter of time before the competition comes back to the nation.

The two day festival showed off the best in CSGO, Call of Duty, Super Smash Bros and Street Fighter pro gaming, and anyone who saw Team EnVyUs beat TSM will know that the DreamHack Open London event was a big success. With rival esports events like ESL One tournaments making plans to make the UK a focal point of their efforts, we think that DreamHack will also be keen to make our country a new hotbed of competitive gaming.