CDL June Major Recap

The Call of Duty League is officially back on LAN. This is not a drill.

The last CDL LAN event was way back on March 8, 2020. And now, 466 days later, the league is finally transitioning from online play to LAN, officially starting with the 2021 Stage Four Major.

The Stage Four Major was held in Arlington, Texas, at the Esports Stadium all weekend. The champions took home $200,000 and 75 CDL Points to solidify their place in the top eight of the league’s standings. These points are crucial at this point of the season.

CDL June Major Recap
image credit: Call of Duty League

The Winners

After cruising through the winner bracket, Atlanta Faze faced off against loser bracket winners, Dallas Empire, in the Grand Final.

It was an intense back and forth between the two finalists, but Atlanta rallied back in the final two rounds to take home the grand prize. They were the obvious favorites going into Stage Four, but Dallas gave them a run for their money.

  • Garrison Hardpoint: 250-202 Dallas
  • Standoff Search and Destroy: 6-4 Atlanta
  • Garrison Control: 3-0 Atlanta
  • Moscow Hardpoint: 250-216 Dallas
  • Moscow Search and Destroy: 6-3 Dallas
  • Raid Control: 3-2 Atlanta
  • Express Search and Destroy: 6-1 Dallas
  • Apocalypse Hardpoint: 250-98 Atlanta
  • Raid Search and Destroy: 6-4 Atlanta

Atlanta wins back-to-back Major’s, and they showed why they are the best team in the CDL this year.

Second and Third Place

The Dallas Empire came in second after losing to Atlanta in the grand final. What a final it was. The path for Dallas was not easy either. They found themselves in a tough spot once they dropped down to the Losers Bracket after going out in the second round of the Winners.

Thanks to some determination and great team play, they battled their way back into the grand final. They even beat the team that had originally knocked them out of the winners bracket. However, after a hard-fought match, the Dallas Empire could not keep up with the Atlanta Faze in the end.

The third-placed team, the Toronto Ultras, had a tough go in the two finals. They made it to both the Winner’s Bracket final as well as the Loser’s Bracket final. But, ultimately, they lost to the eventual grand finalists both times.

It was just unfortunate because they had done so well previously in Stage Four. A lot of people had them pegged to go on into the final to face Atlanta again. However, they have officially dropped below the Dallas Empire in the CDL 2021 Season standings because of the third-place finish.

Top Players of the Weekend

For Atlanta Faze, our Stage Four winners, the player of the stage was an obvious one. Cellium takes the top spot as he dominated in every match throughout the entire stage. He helped lead the team to victory in the grand final.

For the second-place team, the best player has to go to Shotzzy. His play during the grand final was breathtaking at times, especially when it came to defending the point. One play comes to mind where he took out all but one player from Atlanta. He was game-changing.

Upcoming CDL Events

With this being Stage Four in the 2021 CDL, teams only have one more stage to get as many points as possible before COD Champs starts. With Atlanta, Dallas, and Toronto leading the line, it will be interesting to see who steps up and makes it in.

Stage Five of the 2021 CDL begins in just a week and a half. There will be three different home series before the Majors start:

  • Seattle Home Series – July 1st-4th
  • New York Home Series – July 8th-11th
  • Minnesota Home Series – July 15th-18th

This tournament will be critical for every team. If you’re into esports betting, this is the tournament to head-on. The usual favorites will certainly advance, but sometimes it’s fun to give the underdogs a bit of love.

Written by Michael Martinez