Elisa Esports Invitational Betting

Since mid-2018, Elisa Esports has worked to dominate the Scandinavian competitive space. While the organisation has ‘deep roots’ in Finland, its impact is felt globally, and today, it operates high-tier, high-octane esports tournaments for a series of franchises. Today, we’re here to talk about Elisa Esports Invitational betting opportunities, focusing on the $100k Esports Invitational CSGO tournament.

In the last four years, Elisa Esports has hosted more than 15 tournaments, ranging from small, regional events, to ventures that cover the entire European scene. Since September of 2019, Elisa Esports has hosted a series of iconic ‘invitational’ events, offering teams a chance to take to a grand stage. Let’s learn everything we need to know about this tournament, including some key Elisa Esports Invitational betting tips.

Image Credit: Elisa Esports

Elisa Esports Invitational Schedule and Format

Currently, the Elisa Esports Invitational tournament is well underway. It all started back in November of 2021 with the commencement of the Regional Swiss Stage. This ran until the 9th of December, with 16 teams playing out across a Swiss System tournament. These teams were, for the most part, underdog sides, with very little representation but a high level of determination and tenacity.

Here’s a breakdown of all the teams:

Regional Teams: 777 Esports, AFG Esport, Fnatic Rising, ENTERPRISE, GORILLAZ, INDE IRAE, Nexus Gaming, Lynn Vision Gaming, Savage, Team Finest, Young Ninjas, KOVA Esports, hREDS, Apeks Rebel, X-Gamer, Kappa Bar.

Main Stage Invited Teams: AGO, Dignitas, ECSTATIC, Entropiq, Eternal Fire, HAVU Gaming, LookingForOrg, Sprout, Team BLINK.

Let’s talk about the Elisa Esports Invitational schedule.

Following the Regional Swiss Stage, the top eight teams pushed on into the Main Swiss Stage. This is running from the 17th of January to the 10th of February, 2022. This round features ‘High Seed Invites’, which include the likes of Dignitas, Entropiq, and Ecstatic. Once again, when this round is finished, the top eight teams will push on into the final stage of this section – the Playoffs. Following the Playoffs, the top four teams will push on to the all-important Final stage.

Held between the 3rd and the 5th of March, 2022, the Elisa Invitational Winter Final will see eight teams – four invited, four qualified, fight it out for the $100k grand prize. This is where the real Elisa Esports Invitational betting opportunities will come up, and it’s where CSGO fans will likely get involved. At the final, two double-elimination groups will be formed, fighting towards the Playoffs that will see four, final teams do battle in a tense, single-elimination bracket.

Elisa Esports Invitational Betting Tips – Teams

If you’re planning to get involved with a little CSGO betting, it’s a strong idea to do so with some helpful tips. Should the Elisa Esports Invitational prize pool split be the same as it was last year, the top team will walk away with $50,000. This means there’s a huge amount to play for, and for some of these lower-tier teams, this could be their first major CSGO victory. Therefore, it stands to reason that this will be a heavily contested event, and the Elisa Esports Invitational betting opportunities will be wild.

Which team will lift the Elisa Esports Invitational trophy? (Image Credit: Elisa Esports)

At the last event, the Elisa Esports Invitational Fall 2021 tournament, it was Team Fiend that walked away with the grand prize. As per expectations, Team Fiend effectively rose from the shadows, securing the biggest single win that the team had ever experienced in CSGO esports. However, shortly after the event, Team Fiend disbanded, leaving a gaping hole in the 2022 prospects. Last year, the Copenhagen Flames ended up in second place, but this year, the team isn’t even making an appearance.

Currently, from the stock that’s available, it seems as though Eternal Fire and Savage are the teams to watch out for. Both of these sides have exhibited intense skills thus far in the competition, but they’ve both come from different places. Eternal Fire was invited to join the Main Swiss Stage, but Savage has fought its way up through the Regional Stage and is now dominating the Main Swiss Stage.

If you’re going to back any team in this tournament, perhaps it should be one of these. However, at the time of writing this guide, the invited teams for the Elisa Esports Invitational Grand Final are unknown – who knows which team will make an appearance?

Elisa Esports Invitational Betting Tips – Markets

There’s plenty to play for as an esports bettor when it comes to high-tier CSGO markets. They’re usually made available by almost every esports betting site out there, and where CSGO is concerned, they’re often diverse and dynamic. For the Elisa Esports Invitational, you’ll have a short window to make as many profitable bets as possible – but it’s not all that easy if you’re a new bettor.

Firstly, it’s a great tip to study the markets and understand how they work. If you’re totally new to esports betting, you should focus on easy-to-learn markets such as outright winners. For these markets to be profitable, you just need to pick which team will win which match – it’s often driven by equal parts luck and knowledge. In the dynamic world of esports, you can never tell what’s going to happen next, and betting on an underdog team can often turn around a tidy profit.

Furthermore, make sure you pick a reputable betting site with preferential markets and CSGO odds. Although, with that in mind, it’s a great idea to ‘play the field’, making use of several platforms at the same time to diversify your portfolio. By doing this, you can take advantage of the many welcome offers and bonuses put forward by these top-tier esports betting sites.

Ultimately, remember to have fun and only bet what you can afford to lose. For this year, the Elisa Esports Invitational betting opportunities kick off in earnest on the 3rd of March – we’ll see you there.