FIFA 22: Should You Buy It?

It’s finally August and you know what that means, a new FIFA is coming soon. FIFA 22 will be released on October 1st. If you’re someone who purchases the Ultimate Edition, you can play 4 days early.

Around this time every year, EA starts releasing more and more information on its new iteration of the game. With the next-gen consoles out, they also seem to be upping their game with new features, gameplay styles and more.

Here is what we know so far.

FIFA 22: Should You Buy It
image credit: EA Sports

New Features and Gameplay

EA is bringing out the big guns as they are making plenty of significant updates to tactics with more in depth match analysis, player analysis and gameplay. These new features are not just for FIFA Ultimate Team either. Most of these will be available in other modes as well.

  • Some of the notable features include:
  • Full Team Authentic Motion
  • Deeper Match Analysis
  • Explosive Sprint
  • True Ball Physics
  • New Attacking and Defending Tactics
  • Nerfed Skill Moves
  • Defensive Rewrite
  • New Commentator, Alex Scott. First female FIFA commentator
  • HyperMotion Technology

The newest and most hyped feature has to be EA Sports’ new HyperMotion Technology. HyperMotion is a new gameplay technology that is a combination of real-time motion capture. 22 professional footballers took to the pitch wearing Xsens suits that allowed EA to record an “unprecedented volume of high-quality real-human movement data”.

This will power how both individual players and teams move across FIFA 22. This feature will bring on a whole cascade of gameplay upgrades. It will make the game feel less arcadey and more like an actual football match.

The catch is that this feature is only available on next-gen and Stadia. Which is unfortunate because it means last-gen console users and PC players will miss out on the benefits that HyperMotion technology promises to bring to the game.

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Why Should Gamers Get Excited

If you are going to be playing on next-gen consoles, you have every reason to be excited about FIFA 22. Whether it is the gameplay updates or the new HyperMotion technology, it will finally feel like a football game as opposed to a game about football.

The players themselves will also feel more realistic. The AI players will interact with each other based on the events occurring in a match. Players on the same team will be more welcoming and encouraging of each other, while opposing players could come across as more brash or argumentative. Again, adding more realism to the game.

Another thing to get hyped over is that there will be a new commentator coming to FIFA. Former Arsenal Women and England international player Alex Scott will be joining the FIFA 22 commentary team. She will be the pitch side reporter and provide goal reports.

It’s a new year and a new version of FIFA. Regardless of the new features and updates to the game itself, it’s a new game to get started in. That is always part of the fun. Whether you’re playing Career Mode, Pro Clubs, or the ever popular FIFA Ultimate Team. There will be something new for you to be excited about.

Written by Michael Martinez