Madden NFL 22: Should You Buy It

Madden NFL 22 releases on August 20, 2021, with the cover featuring : Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Tom Brady and Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes.

Tom Brady is considered the greatest to ever play in the NFL, and Patrick Mahomes the wonder kid who has completely taken the league by storm over the last four years. There is a lot of hardware combined between the two of them, but we will be looking at them from the view of Madden 22 and if it is worth the buy.

Madden NFL 22: Should You Buy It
image credit: EA Sports

Current State of the Madden NFL Franchise

The Madden Franchise has been the go-to football game for decades, and every year fans buy the latest installment of the game. The rise of Esports and social media has created new attention for the Madden Franchise as players have used the game to create content and gaming online.

The Madden Leagues have gotten national televised attention, which shows this franchise still has large interest from its Fan base. Madden has not been perfect, and like all franchises, fans question elements of the game such as their rating system and lack of an in-depth player creator system. However, there are improvements with every game, and thanks to the internet, EA sports can listen to their fans.

New Features & Gameplay

Last year, EA introduced X-factor, a buff given to star players after they completed the objective needed to unlock it. Patrick Mahomes’s rocket arm with the 99 speed of Tyreek Hill was one of Madden’s most broken combinations.

This year, Madden introduces “Home Field Advantage, “ which allows the home team to have specific advantages synonymous with their stadium. Superstar KO is returning to Madden 22 after being out the last couple of years, and the Yard is also returning to Madden. This year’s Face of the Franchise is said to return with a lot more customization than ever before. EA hopes that this year’s Face of the Franchise gives players more control and versatility with the type of player they want to be.

Why Should Gamers Get Excited

Outside of some questionable early player ratings, fans should be excited to grab this year’s edition of Madden. Thanks to EA’s ability to listen to the fans and content creators more than ever, this year’s Madden could push the envelope of what the game could be. Player’s have wanted a more in-depth story, and EA emphasized that in this year’s game.

With the new updates to exhibition game mechanics, we could be looking at Madden’s best game yet.

Written by John Robinson IV