LEC Predictions: League of Legends European Championship 2022

Let’s take a look at the best League of Legends European Championship (LEC) predictions out there. From the 14th of January to the 10th of April, Europe’s best League of Legends teams will do battle. They’ll be fighting for the lion’s share of the €200,000 prize pool, as well as advantageous seeding for future tournaments coming in 2022. This tournament is a fantastic early-season esports betting opportunity for fans waiting for this year’s bigger hitting LoL tournaments. There’s plenty to play for this year, and the extended duration makes for some brilliant League of Legends viewing.

LEC betting Tips and Odds 2022

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LEC Spring 2022: Format, Schedule, and Teams

From the 14th of January to the 6th of March, all ten teams will be playing a double round-robin stage. This will see all squads competing in 18 best-of-one matches apiece, and only the top six teams will make it through to the next stage. That’ll be the Playoffs stage, with the final six teams competing in a double-elimination bracket, playing across a series of best-of-five matches. It’s a tense end to an exciting competition, and only one team can walk away victorious.

These top six teams will all receive a prize, while the bottom four walk away empty-handed, even after several weeks of intense competition. Here’s the breakdown of prizes for the LEC Spring 2022 split:

  • 1st Place: €80,000 + 90 Points
  • 2nd Place: €50,000 + 70 Points
  • 3rd Place: €30,000 + 50 Points
  • 4th Place: €20,000 + 30 Points
  • 5th Place: €12,500 + 20 Points
  • 6th Place: €7,500 + 10 Points

As we’ve already said, some of the best League of Legends teams in the world are playing in the LEC Spring 2022 event. Typically, this can make the LEC predictions all that much harder, but this year, there are some stand-out contenders. And, of course, there’s the usual array of underdog teams.

  • Astralis, Excel Esports, Fnatic, G2 Esports, MAD Lions, Misfits Gaming, Rogue, SK Gaming, Team BDS, Team Vitality.

Which of these teams will walk away from the LEC Spring tournament as the ultimate victor? Let’s take a look.

LEC Predictions: Who Will Win?

Currently, we can make assumptions based on the earliest performances in the competition. At the time of writing this article, Fnatic and Rogue are leading the charge, with MAD Lions, G2 Esports, and Misfits coming in closely behind. At the far end of the table sits the likes of Team Vitality and Astralis, with the mid-points being taken by (in order) Team BDS, Excel Esports, and SK Gaming.

LEC Predictions
Can Fnatic win big in 2022? (Image Credit: FictionTalk)

However, there’s a long way to go before the April end point comes around, and there are many, many matches still to be played. While some teams may have gotten off to a bad start, there’s no reason they couldn’t turn it around before the tournament runs in too deep. At the LEC Summer event in 2021, it was the MAD Lions that walked away with the top prize, followed by Fnatic in second place.

There’s every chance we could see a repeat performance from these teams, but right now, it seems the safest money is on Fnatic. If you’re thinking of doing some League of Legends betting, Fnatic has always been a strong contender in the EU scene. In almost all LEC events through 2021, 2020, and 2019, Fnatic has finished in the top three. This could honestly be the winning year for the United Kingdom-based team.

If we could hand out any top-tier LEC predictions, it would be to back Fnatic.