LPL 2022 Spring Week 8 Standings

The LPL 2022 Spring Split Week 8 is the last corner before this year’s playoffs. Apart from Victory Five, six more teams have guaranteed themselves a spot in the playoffs before playing their last games of the regular season. However, there are three more seats and four teams competing for them. One of Rare Atom, Bilibili Gaming, FunPlus Phoenix, or Oh My God will be out of the esports competition and it will be decided in the upcoming days.

LPL 2022 Spring Week 8 Standings

Team Name Wins Losses
1 Victory Five 12 2
2 Royal Never Give Up 10 4
3 Weibo Gaming 10 4
4 LNG Esports 10 5
5 Top Esports 10 5
6 JD Gaming 9 5
7 Edward Gaming 9 6
8 Rare Atom 8 6
9 Bilibili Gaming 8 7
10 FunPlus Phoenix 7 7
11 Oh My God 6 7
12 Anyone’s Legend 5 9
13 Ultra Prime 5 10
14 Invictus Gaming 5 10
15 LGD Gaming 3 11
16 Team WE 3 11
17 ThunderTalk Gaming 2 13

Current Playoff Participants

According to the standings, the first seven teams have guaranteed themselves solid spots in the playoffs. Victory Five has demolished almost all of its opponents during the regular season. After signing Lee “Rich” Jae-won, Hung “Karsa” Hao-Hsuan, and Song “Rookie” Eui-jin to its starting lineup, the Chinese team became the strongest organisation in the competition. As a result, V5 secured twelve wins and faced only two losses in its regular-season journey. It has guaranteed the first seed of the regular season in the last week of the competition.

Royal Never Give Up and Weibo Gaming are sitting at the same wins and losses but due to LPL’s BO3 format, RNG is one step ahead with 21 wins and 13 losses. Weibo Gaming has 21 wins but 14 losses. Both teams will go to playoffs but the standings may change as both of them have two more games to play before the end of the regular season. RNG will face Ultra Prime and Oh My God and Weibo Gaming will compete against Invictus Gaming and JD Gaming.

LNG Esports and Top Esports are two of the other playoff teams that have been guaranteed a spot during the LPL 2022 Spring Week 8. Both teams have one more game before the end of their regular season. Top Esports will face LGD Gaming and LNG Esports will look for a win over Oh My God.

Lastly, JD Gaming and EDward Gaming are the last teams that have secured playoff spots. Even though JD Gaming has two more games, EDG will only face Rare Atom in the upcoming days so it is hard for them to get on top of JD Gaming in the standings. JD will face Rare Atom and Weibo Gaming soon.

LPL Spring Week 8
Credit: LPL

Last Three Playoff Spots

The competition for the last three playoff spots is getting tense as we get closer to the end of this split’s regular season. Statistically, Rare Atom has the best chance as the team has collected eight wins and faced six losses so far with two more games to play. However, Bilibili Gaming and FunPlus Phoenix have one game each in the upcoming days. Lastly, Oh My God also has two games but they will face LNG Esports and Royal Never Give Up, two tough opponents.

The schedule ends on March 24 but the last match of the regular season, OMG-RNG matchup’s date will be announced soon.

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