Top 4 Teams Heading Into IEM Summer 2021

IEM Summer 2021 is around the corner, and top teams around the world know that well.

The Intel Extreme Masters is the longest-running worldwide gaming tour in the world. It has gathered millions since its creation in 2006, and the CS: GO Masters, held in exactly one month, will run a $250,000 prize pool and chances to qualify for  ESL Pro Tour and BLAST Premier.

Here’s what the tournament is about and what the top teams have to offer.


IEM Summer 2021 Overview 

The IEM Summer 2021 tournament is part of the Intel Grand Slam series, which includes 16 teams worldwide as participants. 11 of them were invited, while 3 made it throug

h close qualifiers, and two moved on by winning the DH Open March NA and SA 21.

The 16 teams will divide into two groups (making it eight each) to initially play “best-of-one” matches and then proceed to do a “best-of-three” format from June 3rd to June 6th, 2021.

The top three teams from each group will move to the Playoff semi-finals, and those placed second and third will land in the quarterfinals. While the first playoffs will be “best-of-three,” the final one will be “best-of-five.” 

These will take place from June 11th to June 13th, and you can watch the action on ESL_CSGO Twitch.

All Teams to Participate Prize Pool Distribution EPT Points Map Pool
Gambit (from ESL World Ranking) $100,000 (1st) 1000 (1st) Dust2
Heroic (from ESL World Ranking) $42,000 (2nd) 750 (2nd) Mirage (from ESL World Ranking) $20,000 (3th) 525 Inferno
Spirit (from ESL World Ranking) $20,000 (4th) 525 Nuke
Astralis (Partner Team)  $10,000 (5th) 350 Overpass
Complexity (Partner Team) $10,000 (6th) 350 Vertigo
Vitality (Partner Team) $6,000 (7th) 200 Ancient
Ninjas in Pijamas (Partner Team) $6,000 (8th) 200
Evil Geniuses (Partner Team) $5,000 (9th) 100
Fnatic (Partner Team) $5,000 (10th) 100
G2 (Closed Qualifier) $5,000 (11th) 100
OG (Closed Qualifier) $5,000 (12th) 100
FunPlus Phoenix (Closed Qualifier) $4,000 (13th) 0
Extra Salt (DH Open March NA ’21) $4,000 (14th) 0
Imperial (DH Open March SA ’21) $4,000 (15th) 0
16th To Be Announced (ENC Global Playoff) $4,000 (16th) 0


Team #4 – Extra Salt

Cloud9’s previous roster is now known as Extra Salt, and all of their knowledge and experience is there. They have proven themselves among North America’s best teams, especially after what oSee has done to become the star player. Will he carry the team up once again? Maybe, because they will need it after what happened on DreamHack Masters Spring 2021.

Team #3 – Vitality

Despite what many have said: that the team “hasn’t performed up to their standards lately,” we feel they still have a lot to show to come back and dominate. A clear example of this is ZywOo, who plans to get Vitality on the right track once again, as is often seen in esports tours. 

Let’s hope to see if they start playing as they did on 2021’s IEM Beijing-Haidian and BLAST Premier Fall Series.

Team #2 – Virtus.Pro

After a smashing victory in Flashpoint 2, Virtus.Pro has gained confidence, and YEKINDAR is the one from the roster that everyone should watch out for. His sure-fire aim and game sense make him a real protagonist and probable carrier. 

If Virtus.Pro plays as they did on IEM New York 2020, where they won all seven matches, then they will take another cup back to Russia. 


Team #1 – Gambit

2 of their best players have been Ax1Le and sh1ro, which have been instrumental in the team’s success so far. Heading into IEM Summer 2021, we expect these two players to carry their team towards more wins in 2021.

It wouldn’t be a surprise, considering how they’ve won 38 matches out of 46 in total played in top-tier tournaments since 2019.


Written by Marco Morales