Flashpoint 3 Matchup Previews – May 12th

Flashpoint 3 tournament started a few days ago and it is going harder than ever on May 12th. On the first day, we were able to see Vitality and DBL Poney, as well as Astralis and OG battle for some points. The same happened yesterday with BIG vs. Complexity and Fnatic vs. mousesports. What is it going to happen this time when Heroic, Sprout, G2, and FaZe encounter?

Flashpoint 3 Event Overview

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you should know that, as its name indicates, the Flashpoint 3 is the third CS:GO tournament created by major esports organizations with the help of “B Media”. Flashpoint 3 main event started on May 10th and it will be over on May 30th.

It works with 16-team double-elimination brackets to obtain Regional Major Ranking (RMR) points. The objective with these is to qualify for the $2,000,000 PGL Stockholm Major prize pool. Spanish MAD Lions won the first tournament and Virtus.pro followed as Season 2 winners. While it is still too hard to decide which team will win Flashpoint 3, we can try our best to predict who will come out victorious in the early matches. The May 12th matches will be broadcasted on Flashpoint’s Twitch channel. You can also visit their YouTube channel to see VODs or Twitter account to find out about the tournament’s latest news.

Now, let’s jump to the matchup predictions. Will we get them right? It’s up to you to decide.

Matchup 1 Breakdown – Heroic vs Sprout

We predict straight away that Heroic will win this match again Sprout. Here’s why:

The Denmark team have had a good season (proven in DreamHack Masters Spring) where they won 2-0 against both Astralis and BIG and made it hard for NAVI on their latest encounter. Indisputably, TeSeS have carried most of these matches which is also the case for Sprout’s faveN who has played exceptionally against forZe and Spirit. Still, even if Heroic doesn’t win the pistol rounds, they will probably overtake the match in the late game.

Matchup 2 Breakdown – G2 vs FAZE

Although this is harder to predict, we still vote for G2 to wins against FaZe on May’s 12th match. Both team’s roster has had similar performance. Still, at the end, G2 has gotten the victory (2 wins in the latest 2 matches against Virtus.pro and Astralis) which is not the case for FaZe, who only won against ENCE on the ESL S13, but lost when facing Virtus.pro and mousesports. Curiously enough, FaZe clan has the highest chances to win the pistol round (61% rate).

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