2022 Top Gaming/NFT Cryptos: RBA, ADA, VET

An ADA coin on top of a red Christmas background, tags: gaming - unsplash

Roboape, Cardano and VeChain have all become cryptos to look out for as the rise of blockchain integration and NFTs have shifted the landscape of gaming in a major way.

These three cryptocurrencies are currently growing as a result of numerous changes, investments, and business adaptations born of decentralization, the ability to trade in-game assets, and the ability to provide monetary incentives are changing how players and developers view video games as a medium. Here’s a closer look into the three cryptos and how they became among the hottest tokens in the market right now.

About RBA

RoboApe (RBA) is a token tied to a website that organizes game tournaments for browser and mobile. Players can access the games and compete without needing to travel to a specific venue. As game tournaments are naturally prone to excitement and creating special moments, the platform provides the ability to create new NFTs from images and GIFs originating from the event. A public vote will determine which images and GIFs make the cut, with users being rewarded for participating and holding onto their tokens. The platform users will also be able to vote for and against updates, giving the platform a high level of user participation and freedom.

The platform aims to increase the accessibility of NFTs by making them easier to understand, with the public vote approach demonstrating both the process of creating and the reason that NFTs have value. It is also spreading free educational content about the blockchain industry to improve accessibility to new users.

In the near future, RoboApe plans to invest in cross-chain compatibility to improve the pricing for its users and assist game developers in joining the RoboApe ecosystem.

About ADA

The ADA token, created by The Cardano Foundation, is one of the most widely used coins designed to work with the decentralized back-end solution developed by the foundation and Emurgo. It has recently announced a new project on Twitter, the DAB solution — an open-source alternative for developers with ADA and Cardano with tools available to help build decentralized applications.

Many startups have expressed interest in using the DAB solution and having ADA token integration when creating their application, as it allows access to powerful tools with little barrier to entry. As more companies begin to utilize tools developed by The Cardano Foundation, the potential growth for the ADA token continues to climb.

About VET

VeChain, the company behind the VET token, is rapidly expanding as a result of a massive sponsorship deal with the UFC. The $100 million deal grants VeChain access to UFC assets, including live events, in-arena promotion, original content, and more.

The UFC reaches around 900 million TV households in 175 different countries, bringing unprecedented exposure to both VeChain and UFC. The VET token has seen high growth as a result of the announcement, being a favorite of various crypto enthusiasts.

As one of the highest-profile collaborations between a household name brand and a cryptocurrency company, the VET token is likely to continue to benefit greatly from said exposure, at least for the near future.