NFT Worlds to develop its own Minecraft-style game

NFT Worlds has announced plans to develop its own Minecraft-style game in the wake of Mojang’s blanket ban on NFT and blockchain integration,

Developed by ArkDev and Temptranquil, NFT Worlds initially was a company created to create third-party game mods for Minecraft that allows for blockchain and NFT integration by using Minecraft seeds — codes that can be used to generate unique worlds inside the game. Players could then build and customize the world according to their wishes and trade the codes for these worlds with others. It allowed users to play to earn inside the game through its $WRLD cryptocurrency, which could be earned for every 30 minutes played using its mod.

Minecraft’s high accessibility and customization meant that projects of such scale could be realized with relatively limited resources. This was what encouraged NFT Worlds to enable a platform for non-traditional NFT traders, which was especially important for Web 3.0 enthusiasts due to the recent dip in NFT sales in general.

After the ban, however, the value of $WRLD dropped by 61 percent following the announcement of Mojang’s NFT and blockchain ban. In response, NFT Worlds released a statement on Discord to inform its community about its plans going forward, in which it wrote: “First and foremost, this out of nowhere announcement by Microsoft/Minecraft to outright ban all possible uses of NFTs & blockchain tech within Minecraft feels like a step backwards in innovation and may even have painful downstream effects for them in the long run.”

What’s next for NFT Worlds

NFT Worlds said it is trying to open communications with Mojang to understand the full consequences of the ban and find any potential compromises. However, it has also reiterated that it is ready to start creating its own Minecraft-style game and platform if negotiations are unsuccessful.

Details on the project are scarce, but it is possible that other companies will be joining or supporting the development efforts. It claimed that several GameFi and metaverse project developers have reached out to NFT Worlds after the ban announcement, asking if it was possible to help “kickstart the adoption of such a platform”, adding that said the ban is a “battle between two different visions of the future of the web”.

Previously, Mojang said in the ban announcement that it would be willing to reconsider the policy if blockchain technology evolves to the point that it would align with the spirit of Minecraft, with its chief concerns being inclusivity, collaboration and security with third-party applications.

It is unlikely that NFT Worlds will be able to reach a compromise with Mojang regarding its products, as the announcement explicitly lists that all blockchain technology and NFT integration will not be permitted and supported in the platform so long the technology does not change, while NFTs need to be exclusive by nature.

For now, NFT Games seems to be set to go through with the new game. It emphasized that its future game platform would encourage innovation and community involvement. In turn, it has reached out to interested creators or players to urge them to join its Discord community to get updates on the status of its planned game.