Asia To Hold First Offline Metaverse-Themed Conference In Singapore

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Asia Token Fund Group will host the Web3 Conference, a metaverse-themed conference discussing Blockchain technology and related topics. The event will take place in a two-story, three-hall venue in the Zouk building at Clark Quay, Singapore, on July 28.

The event is being organized by the Asia Token Fund Group, supported by key players in the Web3 industry with the likes of Block Tides, AC Capital, Reactify and Morpheus Labs. A mix of start-ups, established organizations, and investors in the Crypto, Blockchain, and NFT industry will be attending the first ever metaverse-themed conference.

The futuristic-looking Zouk building, capable of accommodating up to 3000 visitors, was chosen to represent the ideas of the metaverse and Web3, ideas of innovation and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

The first story will be host to various showcases, lessons, and the Metaverse Idol and Crypto Influencer competitions. Various industry leaders will be hosting talks to share ideas and display their latest innovations while teaching lessons to those interested. The second floor will be for Esports gaming, Networking, and an interactive VR showcase.

“We want to move away from the traditional and dull conferences done in ballrooms as it doesn’t really bring out the true definition of metaverse,” said Ken Nizam, founder of the Asia Token Fund Group and main organizer of the conference.

“At this venue, attendees can relax, enjoy the lights, do some work, have fun and learn something new with superb light show and entertainment lined up. It’s truly going to be a conference like no other.”

After this event, the Asia Token Fund Group is looking to open a branch in the US with multiple future events planned for Miami and Dubai.

Event structure

The Web3 Conference event currently has over 1000 attendees with guests receiving a free NFT to act as proof of attendance. This free NFT will give owners access to future exclusive events and perks.

Web3 Conference will feature many prominent speakers and exhibitions from Kucoin Labs, ChainUp, GEMS, Huawei, Binance, Chainalysis, and many more. Many of these companies will also be sharing their latest innovations and products at this event – one of which is Coinweb, a cross-chain computation platform that aims to fix the problems of blockchain by improving security and unifying blockchains.

“We’ve been waiting for the right event to speak at just before Coinweb ships its first product in a bid to prove the platform is not just another science project that doesn’t leave the lab, and Web3 Conference is the right fit for us to join at, being held in the epicentre of South East Asia’s tech hub,” said Tony Gilber, the CEO of Coinweb, who is going to be one of the key speakers.

Besides speeches, there will also be panel discussions featuring multiple key founders and researchers from different companies. These panels are meant to promote discussion and will be about topics such as sustainability, the future of start-ups, and more.

One hour after the event concludes, the after-party for VIPs will begin. Interested parties can find more information about the conference on the event’s official website, including details on how to register for a visitor pass or the topics of various speeches and panels.