Funko announces their first AAA-level video game

As one of their final announcements at the San Diego Comic-Con panel on Sunday, Funko revealed that they will be working alongside 10:10 Games to enter the video game market. Funko will take the role of a games publisher while 10:10 Games will act as the developer.

“Creating iconic products that emotionally connect fans to their favorite fandoms is critical to each product portfolio decision,” said CEO of Funko, Andrew Perlmutter. “By partnering with 10:10 Games and utilizing the best creators in the business, we will have the talent to deliver games that reflect Funko’s unique look and feel across its lines and varied products.”

Funko is a toy manufacturer that is well known for its pop culture collectibles featuring characters from a large range of franchises. The teaser video featured the company’s mascot, Freddy Funko, being animated alongside a few items such as crowns and food.

“Funko is an iconic brand that truly understands the ingredients it takes to develop a world-class video game. 10:10 Games is thrilled to bring to life a new experience for their fans and video gamers alike,” said the Design Director of 10:10 Games, Arthur Parsons, about the collaboration.

The genre of this upcoming game will be an action platformer with more details to be released in 2023. It is confirmed to be released for PC, current-generation consoles, and next-generation consoles with details likely being revealed over the upcoming year.

So far, very little information has been revealed with the title currently being unknown. Funko has not announced a release date yet and has not released any footage. It is likely that the 2022 Game Awards will showcase more details about the game.

10:10 Games and Funko

While 10:10 Games is a newcomer to the video games scene, having only been founded in 2021, they employ many industry veterans who have worked on a number of landmark titles in gaming.

The lead developer and CEO of 10:10 Games is Jon Burton. Burton, an industry veteran who has been involved since 1991, is famous for his work on the Lego Star Wars series of games. Burton has a large amount of experience in creating licensed titles for many intellectual properties such as Bionicles, Harry Potter, Sonic, and Transformers.

From Assassin’s Creed to Call of Duty, 10:10 Games’ catalog is very deep and diverse. While the company has created many collectibles that feature video game characters, their only currently published game is Funk Pop! Blitz for Android and iOS. This currently untitled game will be their first venture into traditional, mainstream gaming.

The upcoming game will be 10:10 Games debut title from the studio. With the developers having prior experience with action platformer games such as the Lego licensed games, it is likely that elements from their past games will be incorporated into the Funko game. The developers have confirmed ‘third-party integration’, although they did not elaborate on the topic.

Some outlets have speculated that the game will have a level creator, similar to Little Big Planet or Roblox, and allow players to create content for other players to enjoy. The other idea is simply about cameos or costumes that players can wear that are based on other existing franchises.