Game Storm Studio announces partnership with Ready Games to develop Web3 titles

Pakistani gaming development company Game Storm Studio has recently partnered with Ready Games, an experienced Web3 gaming firm. The partnership will have Ready Games provide assistance to Game Storm in transitioning to Web3 and in developing blockchain games.

The partnership is expected to set forth Game Storm’s new blockchain gaming developments. Company chief operating officer Jawad Amjadto confirmed that both parties will run their first partnership agenda starting with developing new game mechanics within a month, which will likely run after the announcement this week until next month.

“We are partnering with Ready Games because they have a complete and efficient tech stack and rapid execution strategy to enable us the opportunity to enter into game development in web3.0,” Amjadto said. “[The partnership will] allow us to innovate new game mechanics and player experiences, all within under a month, allowing us that first movers advantage.”

About Game Storm, Ready Games

Game Storm is a leading gaming company in Pakistan. The company has been developing games for 10 years with a primary focus on the mobile gaming market. Thus far, Game Storm’s portfolio is worth 1 billion downloads that span over 1,000 gaming titles developed since the company’s inception. The company has over 300 employees and offices in the United States, United Arab Emirates, and India.

US Police Dog Mall Chase and Pet Cat Sims are the latest gaming titles developed by Game Storm. Both games combined have 250,000 active users daily and were downloaded 15 million times. Additionally, Game Storm has previously released an online NFT mobile game, Crypto Police Dog, currently in early access.

The partnership announced this week marked Game Storm’s first grand journey to Web3 gaming. Its counterpart, Ready Games, established in 2016, has proven industry experience throughout the years. Ready Games’ mission is straightforward: to provide access to an efficient gaming creation for both amateurs and professionals. The firm also plans to release its first NFT collection in the summer of 2022.

In assisting Game Storm with the company’s ambition to develop new game mechanics for Web3, Ready Games chief technology officer Martin Cormier explained the company’s gaming infrastructure tools can aid developers with the “least amount of friction as possible”.

“We offer a very efficient and easily adaptable set of gaming infrastructure tools that assists game developers to build or transition their games on the blockchain with the least amount of friction as possible,” Cormier said.

In addition, Cormier assured that no additional Web3 resources and testers would be needed by Game Storm when the company carried out its one-month development stage. This is made possible by Ready Games’ assets at hand, namely the firm’s 40,000 beta testers gained from June’s Beta Tester Campaign.

“Under 30 day integration, no need to hire additional Web3 resources, Apple and Google compliant and access to over 40K Betatesters. Developers finally feel they have the tools to enter into Web3,” Cormier continued.

These Beta Testers are a testament to one of the firm’s missions in establishing a creator community environment that can assist Ready Games in ensuring a project is in line with both Apple and Google’s compliant standards.