Splinterlands dominating blockchain gaming, Axie Infinity gains new players

Splinterlands is a new kind of play-to-earn game in the world of NFT. It recently, once again, surpassed Alien Worlds.

The trading card game, which used to be called Steem Monsters, runs on the Hive blockchain. In Splinterlands, players fight monsters to get rewards in the game.

It is a place where people who like to play cards can play, trade, and earn in-game rewards from their computers and phones. The game has more than 283 cards that players can combine to make their characters stronger and improve their skills.

Splinterlands is different from most NFT games on the market because it works with other blockchains like Tron, Ethereum, and WAX. Splinterlands is also unique in that it has its own blockchain. This makes the card trading game more stable and lets it be updated often.

Splinterlands still dominating

Splitnerlands and Alien Worlds are competing to be the best blockchain game. Alien Worlds still had a good lead on the leaderboard for each month, but the weekly rankings show a different picture because Alien Worlds has more than 10 percent fewer players right now. It is not unusual to see a drop in players, but it does bring up a few concerns.

As there are fewer people playing Alien Worlds, there are more people playing Splinterlands. Splinterlands is well ahead of its competitors with over 320,000 WAU, even though this is just a snapshot from one week.

Over time, these numbers and rankings will change, but it is still interesting to see how the rankings change. Another interesting thing is that Axie Infinity keeps moving up the ranks even though it has had a few rough months.

Contrary to what some people might think, Axie Infinity still has almost 200,000 weekly active users. It might not seem significant compared to Alien Worlds and Splinterlands, but Axie Infinity is better than games like Farmers Worlds, Add, and Gameta, which are its competitors.

Even though it is surprising, the fact that blockchain gaming is picking up steam during a deep crypto bear market shows that the long-term trade outlook is still mostly bullish.

Other video games also take development into account

In some ways, blockchain gaming is making a comeback, and there are a number of games that have made a lot of progress recently. Axie Infinity, Era7, and Galaxy Blocks are among those games that gained a good number of new players.

This week, the number of players at Era7: Recreation of Fact in the BNB Chain went up by 17.75 percent. It has passed other competitors and seems to be on track to pass 50,000 weekly active users soon.

Galaxy Blocks, which runs on the ThunderCore blockchain, is in a similar way. Its number of players grew by more than 70 percent this week, bringing the total to almost 43,500.

It competes directly with Era7 in this section, but both games can do well without special care. The big question is whether or not either of them will be able to build up long-term momentum.