SIMBA Chain releases new NFT marketplace SIMBA Market

Cloud-based and blockchain business solutions provider SIMBA Chain has announced the launch of its NFT marketplace, SIMBA Market. Launched on June 23, SIMBA’s new marketplace was made specifically for gaming, sporting, and entertainment organizations.

Reportedly, the marketplace will be releasing select collections from curated brands. So far, SIMBA Market has been focusing mainly on sporting names, including Utah snowboard manufacturer Kemper Snowboards and the Intercontinental Hockey Federation (FIH). The company said it would expand to other sectors in the future.

“It’s time to marry the digital and physical universes among collectibles and products. The value of owning a digital NFT that is tied to a physical product, snowboards in our case, is the next evolution of NFTs,” Kemper Snowboards CEO Jib Hunt said.

“It’s been my mission for Kemper Snowboards to be the first to do it in the action sports world and it has become a reality thanks to SIMBA Market and Riders Collectiv”.

Collections release in SIMBA Market

Following the launch of SIMBA Market, the platform also released a collection in partnership with international snowboarder maker Kemper.

“We desired to create an expertise for our buyers and followers further than the winter months – combining the electronic and bodily realms,” Hunt added.

“We selected SIMBA Market place mainly because we desired our neighborhood to be equipped to obtain our NFTs as quickly as they would any of our goods.”

Hunt explained that the partnership with SIMBA Market was crucial. The platform will act primarily as a customer portal for the Herber City-based Kemper.

The CEO said the company was eager to expand its reach beyond the sport.

Aside from Kemper, SIMBA Market also has one upcoming collaboration with FIH to celebrate the Women’s Environment Cup on July 1-17 in Spain and the Netherlands. The platform has yet to provide a specific release window.

The partnership will also expand to release physical merchandise, product discounts, and more.

More on SIMBA Market

SIMBA Chain CEO Bryan Ritchie explained that the marketplace’s goal was to assist brands with NFT-related needs.

SIMBA Market is built on Polygon, which allows for minimal carbon footprint and fewer costs in both NFT minting and transactions with every collection released on SIMBA is fully curated based on needs and audience.

“We created SIMBA Industry to help brand names from all industries, from sports to songs and leisure, to carbon credits, to introduce their communities to Web3 devoid of the have to have for any crypto understanding. This is in line with our mission to provide net3 to the globe.” Ritchie said.

Regardless of various blockchain and cryptocurrency qualifications, NFTs featured on the platform can be purchased easily with either credit or debit cards.

SIMBA said the market was designed to be an easy-to-use and straightforward platform. It features a simple UX and fiat purchasing to allow beginners to use the platform with ease.

These features can also be found on SIMBA Chain. With a heavy emphasis on consumer experience, the platforms were developed to help users spend less resources and time.