Polium to launch NFT gaming console in 2024

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Web3 startup Polium has announced Polium One, its first-ever NFT gaming console set to be launched in 2024 for holders who purchased Polium Pass and in 2025 for the public.

The company announced that the new console would host various games from multiple blockchains and integrate all of these titles into a single console.

Aside from different titles, Polium One will feature wallet integration in a bid to make methods of digital item ownership easier. The company is gearing up to finish the console’s development this year, from releasing Polium Pass to airdrop and more.

As for both pre-order and funding, the company reportedly is not accepting any until the console’s prototype is ready. Polium wrote on its website that a functional prototype will be launched in a few months and is currently in talks with multiple developers to list their games on Polium One.

Polium’s NFT console plan

Polium first announced its intention to launch a gaming console that entirely focuses on Web3 on June 26, saying that it was well aware that while Web3 keeps on expanding and new gaming titles are flocking into the blockchain space, a specific console for it has yet to be made available. Since NFTs and non-NFTs gaming are only playable on PC, the company saw the need for such a specific console.

“Polium is building the world’s first multi-chain gaming console. The console will be built by the community,” the company said via a blog post.

“It will be capable of running games that are built on different blockchains. Users will be able to play games that are on ImmutableX, Solana, Ethereum, Polygon, BNB, EOS, Wax, and Harmony without needing to switch networks.”

Polium explained that the new gaming console would have games from ImmutableX, Solana, Ethereum, and more in a single place, and players would not need multiple wallets to play these games. Moreover, the company had high hopes that the launch of Polium One would help accelerate the mass adoption of Web3.

Aside from the console, the company will also release its own next-gen controller, in which Polium claims to have an added layer of security with a fingerprint scan to protect the user’s wallet from unauthorized access. The company has indicated that the console’s controller would play an important part than simply being a game controller, and players will be able to access their wallets, power up the console, and even make transactions with it.

“The Polium One controller will have a Fingerprint scanner for an added layer of security. Users will be required to scan their Fingerprint when making transactions and after the console is powered on,” Polium wrote.

“The controller will have a wallet button so that users can quickly make trades while in a game.”

Polium confirmed the console’s pre-order or any funding would not be accepted until the prototype of the console is ready, adding that a functional prototype would be released in a few months.

Criticisms, doubt

Prior to the Polium One announcement, the company was faced with waves of criticisms and doubts aimed at its effort to launch the next-gen NFT gaming console. The company released a statement regarding accusations that the company used Nintendo’s GameCube logo, saying that the company made “a new logo that is original”.

Additionally, according to Polium One’s whitepaper, the new console will have a custom CPU/GPU provided by Santa Clara-based tech company NVIDIA. However, according to Dexerto’s Sayem Ahmed, NVIDIA has yet to offer any response regarding the matter.

Ahmed added that Polium One is likely just a concept with “nothing more tangible” to back its existence, taking into account that Polium’s promises with the console are too promising — since there are only four people that are currently building a console that can play games in 4k Ultra HD with ray tracing and can achieve up to 120 frames per second.