Activision to add NFTs in Call of Duty, says insider

Activision Blizzard reportedly may add NFTs to their global FPS hit title series Call of Duty (COD) according to a video game insider and renowned leaker, Ralph on Twitter under the username @RalphsValve.

Ralph suggests that the developer famous behind the classic multiplatform FPS title is considering the inclusion of NFT following a few overhauls in COD, namely UX/UI, personalized accounts, and others which led the leaker to a conclusion that these are the indication NFTs may make an appearance in the video game series.

The leaker added that Microsoft’s latest acquisition game has affected the developer’s decision-making process on NFTs over the last few months. The hype for the trendy digital assets is on the rise lately and has captured the attention of video game companies who would place their interests in incorporating said assets within the gaming industry.

Ralph’s leaks, potential NFT in COD

Ralph is a supposed industry insider and has been providing gaming-related leaks with a particular interest in the COD franchise in recent months.

Earlier in January this year, Ralph claims there are 10 gaming studios working on Modern Warfare II, a sequel of COD Modern Warfare where the game introduces its own hit battle royale title, Warzone. Ralph describes that the current sequel development status is “all hands are on deck” after Treyarch’s involvement.

Adding to Ralph’s insider and leaker portfolio is Tom Henderson who was involved in leaking multiple details regarding Warzone and the recent COD 2022 title.

Additionally, in March, Ralph also leaked information that multiple COD classic titles will be getting a remaster treatment, and COD Modern Warfare reportedly is set to make a Nintendo Switch debut.

This time, Ralph’s recent claims explain that the developer of COD Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward, is keen and looking for any possibilities of a more personalization feature in Activision accounts. Something that would differentiate and adds uniqueness in-game for players.

The leaker continues that the developer is investigating NFTs implementation in COD, but did not provide more details to this claim. It is apparent that avatars and calling cards may be a thing in players’ Activision accounts. Moreover, whether the exact digital assets of NFTs will be making their way to COD in-game skins and cosmetics remains unclear.

The claims, again, are leaks from a supposed industry insider and there is no guarantee for it to take place. That is until either Activision or Infinity Ward made an official announcement.

Ralph’s claims should be taken with a grain of salt. Whether the leak is accurate or not, NFTs may be making their way into COD with recent NFTs, and blockchain service providers are making their way into the gaming industry to help companies develop blockchain technology and NFTs inclusion.

COD is one of the biggest gaming franchises and has made an incredible number of profits spanning nearly 20 years of history with various installments released. With this lifespan in the gaming industry, the series has come up with ways to generate revenue from online skins, cosmetics, and even at a time received backlashes for microtransactions and loot boxes.