Hangzhou Virtual Human Technology releases EZVR, new Metaverse for business communication

Hangzhou Virtual Human Technology has launched its new Metaverse, EZVR, intended to use for business communication and marketing in enterprises.

EZVR was created as a rival to Facebook’s Horizon Workrooms and Microsoft Mesh for Microsoft Teams in providing VR virtual space service, which is often dubbed as the solution for a post-epidemic world, saying “EZVR pays greater attention to the experience of communication and demonstration in virtual space than other online conference and exhibition Apps”.

“In the global post-epidemic era, VR virtual space service has entered people’s life as a new form of business communication,” Hangzhou Virtual Human Technology said in a press release.

“Facebook’s Horizon Workrooms and Microsoft Mesh for Microsoft Teams have started providing virtual office services. Hangzhou Virtual Human Technology also completed the development of the first version of the EZVR virtual space service platform.”

Horizon Workrooms was launched by Facebook, now Meta, back in August 2021. Previously in 2019, Facebook also launched its first social VR world, Facebook Horizon. Meanwhile, Microsoft Mesh was launched earlier in April of the same year.

The Metaverse technology itself has been in development since the early 2000s, with the virtual world platform Second Life often being regarded as the first metaverse as it was a virtual three-dimensional world where users interact as avatars.

About EZVR

EZVR supports enterprise-level Metaverse areas and customizable Avatars. Users can use PowerPoint presentations in the platform’s virtual conference room in addition to illustrating their ideas by writing and drawing on the platform’s virtual whiteboard. Users can also use their voices to communicate with each other.

“In comparison to video conferencing technologies like Zoom or Skype, the EZVR platform includes voice interaction as well as an immersive virtual experience and real-time action interaction, which conveys more vivid and complete information,” Hangzhou Virtual Human Technology further explained.

EZVR also offers a wide selection of business event scenarios, including but are not limited to Metaverse product release conferences, entertainment Expos, and art exhibitions. These features allow users to browse and pick products as well as communicate from great distances with other participants.

“In addition, to satisfy the needs of corporate online business requests, EZVR offers a variety of business event scenarios such as Metaverse product release conferences, entertainment Expos, and art exhibitions,” Hangzhou Virtual Human Technology continued.

“Unlike a real-life Expo, businesses can create a more original and novel booth to exhibit products in the virtual world. Users can use their virtual hands to quickly browse and pick products, as well as communicate with VR exhibitors thousands of miles away.”

EZVR is equipped with a cross-platform interaction feature, which allows users to use their mobile phones and laptops at the same time to engage in meetings, exhibits, business receptions, product launches, and other business scenarios. Users can also use Meta Quest2, Pico Neo3, HTC Vive, and other VR devices.

“Benefit from the maturity of virtual space technology and equipment, EZVR has successfully realized the experience of large multiplayer virtual exhibition space through continuous technical iterations and scene remodeling tests, making it possible for immersive exhibitions.”