ApeU to launch community-centered Web3 platform for creators

Ape Universe (ApeU) has announced plans to launch a community-centered Web3 platform and provide valuable resources for creators to the transition to Web3 and the creator economy. The company said it aimed to create a strong, vibrant community for creators that provides them with opportunities to share their work.

As the Web3 creator economy is on the rise, ApeU said it sought to redefine the relationship between creators and their fans. With blockchain-based internet, influencers and their supporters can benefit from new experiences as well as connect with a wider audience. Additionally, the decentralized internet allows those who share their passions with the rest of the world to earn more by curating and posting content online.

As the Web2 to Web3 transition proceeds, creators have new and exciting opportunities to earn more and have more control over their social media content. There used to be far less control over content and content creators earned less from posts, including reels, short clips, and videos. Web3 gives the public more control and opportunities than ever before, offering unlimited earning potential.

Web3 is changing the perception that creating content is more of a hobby than a career. As a result, people around the world can earn a livable wage from content creation instead of traditional 9-5 jobs.

From minimalism to copyright protection and pragmatism, everything about ApeU’s new platform would benefit its users, the company claimed. The platform prioritizes creators by providing them with the tools to thrive.

Authentic Ape NFTs

The first version of ApeU’s platform offers basic features, including a subscription model, content display, and NFT minting exclusively for the first 10,000 users. Advanced tools and functions will be included in later versions.

By offering new options through Web3 capabilities, including NFTs, the platform said it hoped to strengthen the relationships between creators and fans. Celebrities are increasingly connecting with their fans through NFTs, so influencers need to take advantage of this by offering NFTs to fans.

In addition to launching the platform, ApeU plans to sell 10,000 exclusively generated ape NFTs to connect with potential co-founders, helping them develop projects and turn their vision into a useful product. Ultimately, the NFTs will have utilities, but the project’s team has yet to decide which utility will be used. The platform said it would soon discuss the details with investors. Regardless, investors can get involved in an innovative project that will enhance influencers’ relationships with fans.

Benefits of Web3 platforms for entrepreneurs

Web3 is often dubbed the future, but the future is already here. It is the ideal time for people who are interested in creating content to get on board and get started now as businesses and platforms are shifting to a futuristic, decentralized internet that will give creators more ownership and freedom than before.

The creator economy is an open, welcoming space where everyone can express themselves creatively and earn money doing what they love. For the average entrepreneur, this is a golden opportunity.

With ApeU, creators are provided with all the tools they need to achieve meaningful goals through their work, connect and communicate with fans, and become empowered throughout the journey.