Battlefield 2042 Microtransaction leaks, FIFA 22 join XBOX Game Pass

Battlefield 2042 cover art - CC BY-SA

According to a new entry on the Xbox Store and an update to the Microsoft store, Battlefield 2042 will most likely be included in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription program.

Even while neither Microsoft nor Electronic Arts have announced that the games will be included in Xbox Game Pass’s rotating list of free games for subscribers, the Microsoft store currently displays a Game Pass logo for both titles (H/T XGP, Eurogamer). It’s impossible to envision, let alone uncover, any more decisive evidence of a forthcoming Game Pass release without an official announcement.

Having been launched in October and November 2021, Battlefield 2042 and FIFA 22 are already 7 months old. EA Play always promised that all EA games would be accessible within a year after release. Last year, EA also made FIFA 21 available to its customers 7 months after release, a few months before the next FIFA game version in May 2021.

Battlefield 2024 and FIFA 22 currently can be purchased through EA Play and individually for the time being. FIFA 22 is currently on sale for $27.99, $42 cheaper than the average price. FIFA 22 is now running a Team of the Season promotion, distributing new cards for players that excelled in the previous season.

Battlefield 2024’s rough launch

After a shaky November release, Battlefield 2042’s developer support got increasingly worse once the game went live. While the game should have received new playable content so far, the creators delayed all post-launch content plans until Summer 2022. Instead, they concentrate on the current window to resolve the game’s severe faults and lacking features.

In recent months, battlefield 2042 became an apparent failure for Electronic Arts since players quit the game and found new substitutes.

In the top 100 Steam games with the most concurrent players, Battlefield 2042 has been absent for a long time. Achieving 10K concurrent players is difficult when Battlefield V often surpasses 15K players.

The addition of Battlefield 2042 to subscription services like EA Play and Xbox Game Pass may be able to save the game in such a necessary condition.

Having seen a Game Pass badge next to the game’s box art on the Polish edition of the Xbox Store. EA will likely debut Battlefield 2042 on EA Play sooner than expected, with a release as early as next month possible for Xbox Game Pass and EA Play subscribers.

Battlefield 2042 microtransaction leaks

There may be plans for microtransactions in Battlefield 2042 discovered by data miners. As soon as it was released, Battlefield 2042 was met with significant criticism.

The game has undergone several updates over the past five months, but it still has a lot of room for improvement. Unfortunately, things may be getting worse.

Temporyal, a data miner on Twitter, discovered some hints that Battlefield 2042 may have microtransactions. These files, found in the game’s most recent patch, contain references to various bundles, cosmetics, and XP boosts. However, the menus may be simply a list of objects already in the game.

Microtransaction isn’t necessarily bad because EA is renowned for including them in many of its games. Unreleased Battlefield 2042 cosmetic pieces like the Santa skin created criticism in 2021.

Officially, they clarified the skin was made months in advance and would not be released to the general public. Nothing is definite yet, but we may hear more soon if the game is coming to Game Pass shortly.