How to play metaverse games, case of Decentraland

Decentraland Genesis Plaza at evening., tags: metaverse - CC BY-SA

Gaming in the metaverse is the new happening in the world of video games. The platform offers its users the opportunity to present themselves with a unique avatar in a space where both gaming and social interactions meet each other.

As if gaming and taking social interactions to the digital world is not enough, the metaverse with the advance of blockchain technology now supports the existence of the real-world economy in the digital space as people now can get themselves involved in the transaction processes of digital items.

The idea gained more traction and has received the majority of good reception or at least interest from curious prying eyes, as the pandemic was in full swing back in 2020-2021. With many blockchain-based and immersive metaverse games being made available these days, getting the correct one let alone finding one might be a difficult task for one to do.

What is metaverse, gaming in Decentraland

The metaverse is an ever-expanding idea that intersects gaming with digital space which also features social interactions and the ability to buy, sell and trade digital items. It offers many to those looking for an entirely new experience of gaming.

Usually, most metaverse games are not very hardware demanding games unlike most triple-A titles from big names video game studios. The first important thing to note before getting into any metaverse game is to have a proper internet connection and virtual reality equipment for the additional immersive experience. Although, the latter is not a necessity.

The second is to accept that the majority of metaverse games are NFT-centric titles. Meaning that users are allowed to partake in trading NFTs should they deem it fits. Additionally, different games have their own unique type of NFTs and native tokens per se.

For example, The Sandbox and Decentraland’s NFTs are plots of digital land or LAND which can also be sold from the secondary marketplace, such as Open Sea. In Decentraland, users can purchase land by using an ERC-20 token called MANA among other supported cryptocurrencies that allow its users to purchase LAND, and pay for goods and services in the virtual world.

The popularity of the metaverse resulted in the rise of popularity for both 3D virtual open-world games, such as The Sandbox and Decentraland. In other words, the token prices also skyrocketed. This also means that the exact number of LAND is being limited to a certain number of supplies, say for example in Decentraland the LAND is capped at 90,000.

The reason was to create a sense of supply scarcity that eventually resulted in the increase of the LAND value as an NFT. Therefore, the importance for crypto-heads and investors to dip their feet deep as fast as possible is beyond crucial.

Requirements to know

Perhaps another important thing to note is to keep in mind whether the device being used is one that is proper and hardware-wise appropriate. Decentraland is a browser-based game and users only need internet browsers such as Chrome or Firefox to play the game. Unlike, The Sandbox which requires users to download and install its own standalone software.

Getting into Decentraland requires you to have 4GB of memory, at least a quad-core processor, a graphics card, good internet connection alongside an updated internet browser of choice. Additionally, a software cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask is required.