Play-to-earn, 3D metaverse RPG Apexaverse launched on Cardano blockchain

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The Apexaverse team recently announce the launch of a play-to-earn (P2E), 3D metaverse RPG, built on the Cardano blockchain. The project bears the same name as that of the company, Apexaverse.

With the launch of the project, the team said they aimed to revolutionize the metaverse, NFT, and P2E markets.

“We are delighted to share with you the fruits of our labor these past few weeks. The team members have been working 24/7 behind the scenes in figuring out the best Metaverse and Web 3.0-focused game on the Cardano blockchain technologies that can help users to enjoy being part of a limitless universe, the excitement of strategic gameplay, and crypto earning possibilities,” The team said in a whitepaper.

More on Apexaverse

Apexaverse is a mixture of RPG game and launchpad platform catalog built on the Cardano blockchain. The team claimed the platform to be the most efficient gaming catalog, which allows users to access staking capabilities in collecting NFTs. The Apexaverse metaverse itself offers two primary gaming features in their collection of games, namely P2E and PVP.

“Apexaverse is a role-playing game with a universe behind it. Platform built on Cardano Blockchain is one of the most efficient ways of bringing together game catalog with multiple p2e and pvp games, launchpad, token with staking capabilities, NFTs and 3d metaverse,” Apexaverse wrote.

“Apexaverse is a decentralized virtual reality hub built on Cardano Blockchain; it supports our unique community-focused game development process and will let us have an online game catalog with multiple P2E and PVP games. All games are made internally, exist in the story universe, and all of them are part of our ASX-based economy.”

The team designed Apexaverse with a heavy emphasis on community involvement. All Apexaverse token ($AXV) holders are given a chance to voice their opinions in terms of game development. Despite the fact that the players will be given a chance to develop the project, however, those “most involved” have the strongest influence over the development of the project.

“All token holders will have a voice in deciding how game development goes, but the most involved members will hold the most influence. The level of power the community holds is truly unprecedented in Apexaverse,” reads the whitepaper.

“Holders will have a say in deciding who will be listed on our launchpad and will choose which mini-games we’ll develop first, racing or fighting for example, and even decide the past and future of our massive online p2e 3D world. Members of the community who are only interested in staking and NFTs will hold the same authority as those who raid for loot and glory in our multiplayer RPG made on Unity.”

Apexaverse’s tokenomics

The online crypto gaming catalog’s token features its own unique tokenomics called $AXV. The Apexaverse team has prepared an initial $10 billion of $AXV supply, 10 percent of which went to the seed sale.

The team also confirmed Apexaverse was expected to have two private sale rounds. The first round is set to provide six percent of the total supply, while the second will provide five percent. The team also allocated an additional 15 percent for both in-game reward and platform staking.