Gamerse launches world’s first NFT gaming, metaverse social media platform

Gamerse, the first LFG (Looking For Group) platform dedicated to NFT (Non-Fungible Token) gaming and the metaverse, has launched the world’s first Social Aggregator Marketplace. Gamerse’s newest feature is a dedicated NFT marketplace where everyone can purchase all NFTs. Through the introduction of its new platform, Gamerse claimed to be the world’s first “NFT gaming and metaverse social media platform” that “provides a single unifying hub for the fragmented NFT gaming industry”.

“We aim to aggregate and display all the popular NFT Gaming marketplaces on one social platform and support cross-chain compatibility,” Gamerse said while announcing the new platform.

It added that people cam “Shop cross-platform and cross-chain” in the new marketplace, saying that “NFTs from all your favorite platforms will be sold in one place for users to easily search for the most viral NFTs. We aim to feature NFTs from marketplaces such as Faraland, Cryptophocies, SolChicks, Polychain Monsters, and many more.”


Gamerse’s Social Aggregator Marketplace has features that other marketplaces are missing. Among these features is the Flip-card which displays an NFT’s name, the date the NFT was minted, a link to the NFT’s etherscan, the NFT’s rating, and information on the NFT’s creator or owner.

The platform also has a feature to show a verified creator, namely by giving the NFT they mint a blue certification checkmark, similar to that of Instagram and Twitter. This checkmark enables verified creators to demand higher prices as they are more trusted. Meanwhile, verified collectors are given a purple checkmark, which also allows them to resell NFTs for a higher price.

Gamerse’s new marketplace has a simple UI, making it new-user friendly with its simple navigability. Users can sign-in with only one click by using web 2 social media applications.

“SAM will integrate a diverse range of gaming titles, each of which will enjoy their own Verified Game Page which acts as their social profile on the platform. All NFTs listed on the game’s own marketplace will be displayed on their profile page as interactive flip-cards, which on their rear will display key details pertaining to the NFT,” Gamerse continued.

Users will also soon be able to make purchases with fiat currency as the platform is working toward the integration of fiat. This will allows users to forgo Metamask or other wallets to use the Gamerse app to facilitate NFT sales and purchases.

“Users will also be able to mint directly on the platform and display their creations on their own profile along with their NFT collections and those for sale. Users can follow each other, comment on the displayed NFTs, share content and directly message to trade. This creates an interactive and immersive environment for gamers while encouraging trading on the platform,” the company added.

That being said, the highlights of Gamerse’s new marketplace include:

1. The platform allows users to shop cross-platform and cross-chain;

2. The platform has aggregator filters, allowing users to navigate between marketplaces, games/creators, gamers/collectors, categories, and chains;

3. The platform is built based on social media, which means users can create profiles and follow each other;

4. The platform allows users to like, comment, share, and DM other users and their posts as part of the social media experience while trading on the platform; and

5. The platform allows users to display their NFT collections and avatars on their profile page.