, Wyre collaborate on new NFT marketplace

Wyre announced its collaboration on a new NFT marketplace with on Thursday, April 21, 2022. The companies released Treasure Chess (, an NFT ecosystem that is combining blockchain technology and games.

Through Wyre’s platform, users can now purchase NFTs directly without first buying cryptocurrency. Additionally, users can sell NFTs in the marketplace to earn cryptocurrency without needing to own a wallet, understand MetaMask, or buy digital assets. When users sign in with their accounts, Treasure Chess automatically generates an Ethereum Address.

Using blockchain-based ownership, Treasure Chess provides owners with permanent, easy, and secure ownership while leveraging the security and scalability of Polygon, which is known for its energy-efficient blockchain. In fact, playing an online chess game requires more energy than minting a Treasure NFT on Treasure Chess.

Further, the marketplace is paying all transaction fees on behalf of its users, in an unprecedented move to increase the accessibility of NFT projects. Individuals will be able to convert fiat to USD Coin (a digital stable coin pegged to the US Dollar), purchase, sell, mint, and collect NFTs, without exposure to price volatility. Users will also be able to cash out instantaneously while creating collections of Treasure NFTs from games of their favorite chess streamers and content creators.

“We have built the best NFT experience and most innovative cryptocurrency onboarding stack ever created: there are direct fiat onramps with our partner Wyre, there is no need to buy cryptocurrency to participate but you’re still able to earn, users have secure logins through their existing online accounts, all cryptocurrency transaction fees are paid on behalf of all our users, and much more. Plus, it’s fun!” said co-founder & CEO of Treasure Chess Joseph Schiarizzi.

“We start with an amazing marketplace that doesn’t extract but creates value for chess players, streamers, and content creators. From here we raise the bar for NFT projects and anticipate applying this stack in many other places.”

The Treasure Chess marketplace features advanced NFT technology and inventive user experiences powered by Wyre. In addition to serving the wider Web 3.0 community, the platform offers value to the deeper cryptocurrency community as well.

The companies collaborated to create a dynamic and compliant environment that will drive accessibility for content creators and millions of chess players to play on a unique, secure platform built on Polygon’s blockchain.

Wyre’s custom solution lets users mint NFTs on the Polygon’s blockchain, preserve players’ favorite games as Treasure NFTs, and make it possible for content creators to earn crypto from their most popular matches.

About Wyre

Wyre is the leading provider of payment infrastructure for the crypto ecosystem. Providing easy-to-integrate APIs, the company enables developers to bring crypto to the masses using its APIs.

Founded in 2013, Wyre supports customers in over 100 countries worldwide with its crypto services. It empowers them with blockchain technology, ensuring the move to Web 3.0 is seamless.

About Treasure Chess

Treasure Chess is created by Nifty Chess, a new web3 startup founded by Patrick Gallagher and Joseph Schiarizzi, two long-time crypto developers who focused on ethical, sustainable, and accessible user experiences. They built the finest NFT experience and savvy crypto onboarding stack ever created.

The features include Direct fiat onramps, the ability to earn crypto instead of purchasing it, secured login to existing online accounts, and crypto transaction fees settled on behalf of all its users. It is the first crypto-lite platform in the world.