Ubisoft to let gamers test team battle arena game Project Q

Following weeks of gameplay leaks, Ubisoft officially announced the launch of Project Q, a team battle arena game, on Twitter.

The French video game studio revealed Project Q on Twitter as a “team battle arena” where “players own the experience”. No further details have been provided about its gameplay so far. They also said that players who wish to join the closed test can do so by visiting the game’s signup page.

“So, we heard you heard… Introducing codename ‘Project Q’, a team battle arena where players truly own the experience! The game is in early development and we will keep testing, so for now all you can do is register for upcoming tests,” said Ubisoft.

Nonetheless, Ubisoft highlighted that the game will not be a battle royale title and that there will be no NFTs, which the company has been heavily criticized for in recent months. Another tweet by Ubisoft confirmed that from the start that the company did not “have plans to add NFTs to this game”.

It appears that Project Q will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Players can also access the game via Ubisoft Connect on PC

**’Project Q’ is not a Battle Royale**

Ubisoft explained that the game was not a battle royale title. Despite the lack of many details, the leaks suggest two different game modes for Project Q. In the Showdown mode, players can play a mini-battle royale-style game, while in the Battle Zone mode players can engage in a traditional PvP competitive experience like Blizzard’s Overwatch or Riot’s VALORANT, with four players per team.

The leaked footage revealed an early glimpse at Project Q. The game appears to let players select their weapons, including ones that fire fireworks or Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir. It also appears that different weapons have different abilities.

Some details about Project Q have been removed from the signup page. The original description said it was an “innovative and modern PvP battle arena game” in “early development”. The upcoming test will be the game’s “first playable closed test” designed to collect feedback from players about “the game concept and on the core gameplay experience”.

Back in September, a list of PC games was leaked from Nvidia’s GeForce Now service. The company responded to the leak by saying that the games were “speculative” and “only used for internal tracking and testing”. That being said, some projects on the list were confirmed to be true.

Ubisoft has issued a DMCA notice against the data miner who leaked the footage. This leaves no doubt that one of the Ubisoft games on the list, namely Project Over, Project Q, Project Meteor, and Project Orlando was a legitimate project. Project Q, however, may be the only credible leak included on that list.

In other news, God Of War: Ragnarok is expected to launch this year, according to animation director Bruno Velazquez. Elsewhere in the gaming industry, Sony has announced the launch dates for its redesigned PlayStation Plus. Which was created to rival Microsoft’s Xbox game pass.