0xWRLD announces multi-chain NFT metaverse project

0xWRLD, a multi-chain 2D pixelverse recently announced the launch of its first-ever multi-chain NFT metaverse. 0xWRLD’s brand new NFTs ecosystem will introduce cross-chain in the NFTs market to simplify the transaction process of multiple blockchains, as well as tokens alongside metaverses.

0xWRLD founder Brad Palmer said the company launched the project with the hope that it can transform NFTs and the world of metaverse in the future.

“We are thrilled to launch our unique Multi-Chain NFT Metaverse with a vision to bring about a transformation in the world of NFTs and Metaverses. As amazing as NFT technology currently is, there will eventually come a point where simple image-based NFT collections will no longer be acceptable as the standard,” Palmer explained.

“We believe that the true NFT enthusiasts will eventually raise the bar for these simple NFT collections, and they just won’t cut it anymore. Beyond offering a unique metaverse environment, 0xWRLD is on a mission to connect a multitude of metaverses and blockchain communities into a single platform, which can be described as the “megaverse”.”

More details about 0xWRLD’s multi-chain project

The launch of the multi-chain project came amid the surge of popularity of NFTs and the metaverse. Prior to 0xWRLD’s project, there is no platform in the market that allows the NFT transactions across two or more blockchains.

Therefore, there was a need for a more efficient NFT transaction process. The NFT and metaverse technology themselves are deemed far from mature while both demands and popularity of digital assets, in general, are skyrocketing.

“Everybody has seen demos of stuff like 3D models of specific NFT collections being showcased in the real world through AR apps for example, but the unfortunate fact is that this kind of utility is often very tightly coupled to each NFT collection, and it is difficult to solve the interoperability problem between all sorts of NFT collections on a widespread scale. 0xWRLD will provide a solution to this problem,” Palmer added about the NFTs issue 0xWRLD is keen to fix.

CNBC noted a similar view, adding that several constraints, namely interoperability, with both sharing and access of data being restrained—since NFTs are mostly developed and minted on two or fewer blockchains. Therefore, the existence of a multi-chain platform would eliminate this issue and is more than welcomed in the market.

Palmer elaborated on how 0xWRLD and its new project will tackle such issues by allowing users to play with their multiple wallets across various blockchains without the need to switch wallets or blockchains.

“Our talented and passionate team has put in significant efforts in developing an elegant solution to bridge disconnected metaverses hosted on disparate blockchains. When you log into 0xWRLD, you don’t just play as your connected wallet,” he said.

“Instead, any of your wallets can serve as a login to the same game account. When you log into 0xWRLD using any one of your connected wallets on any supported chain, you will be able to play with all of your NFTs across all of those wallets and all of those chains, all at the same time, without having to switch wallets or switch chains.”

Palmer and co. through 0xWRLD are at the forefront in capitalizing on the ever-growing market with the latest technologies. Additionally, the launch of the multi-chain project creates a more integrated social-economic structure that could help both traders and investors.