BAYC-inspired Japanese Born Ape Society to launch collections for mint on

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Duo anonymous owners Zenkon802 and Esmpeth announced the launch of their new Bored Ape Yacht Club-inspired NFT Web3 brand called Japanese Born Ape Society (JBAS) on April 27.

JBAS is a decentralized NFT brand built on the Ethereum blockchain. The NFT brand features a hybrid of BAYC and the society of Japan NFTs. Reportedly, JBAS’ collection of Apes stood at a total number of 10,000 collections.

JBAS is a collection of 10.000 NFTs generated from over 180 unique traits, inspired by Japan and its culture. The developer team revealed that JBAS’ first mint will start on May 21 this year, with each of the project’s Ape being worth 0.09 ETH.

About JBAS

Currently, there is not much information available about the Web3 brand, which claims to be different from BAYC with its added Japanese culture tabs. The team behind the project comprises three people in total. In addition to Zenkon802 and Esmpeth, there is also A.A. as the brand’s head designer.

“There will be a total of 9 Lotus flowers, each representing an area of expertise and decisional power within our Decentralized Ecosystem. Fields will vary from Community Funds, merchandise, future art, collectibles and more. Each holder, depending on the flower they hold, will be granted a vote on a specific matter. 1 Ape + 1 Flower = 1 vote. OG MONKS will have voting rights on all matters, alongside fellow BAYC holders,” the team said.

JBAS’ development spans nine stages. The team has admitted its striking similarity with BAYC and said they recognized future potential IP issues with the NFT giant. However, “JBAS may be cooler” and holders should not worry, they insisted.

“YugaLabs, BAYCs Creators, give IP rights to all BAYC holders. This means that as holders, we can create, build and distribute something based on BAYC…but trust us, JBAS may be cooler,” the developers said.

JBAS said it aimed to provide its holders with over 180 unique traits which can be found in the brand’s NFT collections. As the project grows to become an established Web3 brand, so does JBAS.

“Bridging the gap between Web3 utilities and IRL utilities, JBAS will be a revolutionary brand in the space,” the developer added.

Sometimes in the future, JBAS will embark on the metaverse via its unique place called TEMPLE on the mountain HONOKA. The project’s roadmap suggests that JBAS’ metaverse debut is the very last stage of its development.

Whitelist information

With little information provided, JBAS’ roadmap implies that the first mint day on May 21 is the project’s “day 0”. In other words, JBAS is currently in the third development stage out of nine. The developer’s most recent initiative was establishing a community wallet and funds for marketing.

After the first mint sale, JBAS will proceed with its private sale should there be any remaining supply available.

Interested individuals must be whitelisted before being given the opportunity to mint JBAS’ Ape. In order to be whitelisted, each individual must be a holder of either Azuki, BAYC, MAYC, or DOODLE. The whitelisting process will be conducted via JBAS’ Discord.

“You will need to be Whitelisted to Mint a JBAS. If you have an Azuki, a BAYC, a MAYC or a DOODLE, you can claim your WL through collabland in our discord,” the developer team added.