Amber Group to launch Openverse for Web2 creators

Leading digital asset platform Amber Group recently declared its expansion to the metaverse by launching Openverse, a Web3 integration platform for creators, brands, and businesses. Openverse combines Amber Group’s strengths in digital architecture and blockchain-native infrastructure to provide a gateway into the metaverse, allowing Web2 creators, brands, and businesses to move into Web3.

According to a press release, Openverse will let all Web2 creators, brands, and organizations operate using all the essential tools to transition their platforms to Web3.

Openverse marks Amber Group’s entry into Web3 community building, with the metaverse economy being expected to reach $13 trillion by 2030. The project is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2022. This is a major milestone in Amber Group’s efforts to assist businesses, industries, and societies in their transition to Web3.

Openverse, which is a one-stop platform, will provide end-to-end creative and digital infrastructure to create an entry point into the metaverse.

How Openverse will look like

Openverse is built as a Web3 enablement platform, powered by cutting-edge 3D rendering technology to create an immersive digital world for its users. Users can access Openverse on mobile devices, desktops, as well as through VR devices. In addition to that, it will be enhanced with features like an NFT rating system, customizable digital avatars, real-time content interaction, and gamification.

Amber Group CEO Michael Wu said, “Digital assets are the first step in realizing a decentralized future in which people can create and connect with online communities, unlocking new digital experiences. While the metaverse has garnered a great deal of interest, it remains largely conceptual”.

“With Openverse, we are taking a solid step toward creating this digital reality for everyone,” he continued. “Backed by our expertise and partnerships within the digital asset ecosystem, Openverse is at the forefront of bringing enterprises and communities into the metaverse, unleashing the true potential of decentralization.”

As part of its cryptocurrency financial services, Openverse also makes use of Amber Group’s flagship digital asset platform, WhaleFin. By expanding its reach of digital asset services, the company will be able to synergize with its thriving consumer business line.

“We are excited to launch Openverse, and to turn the possibilities of the metaverse into reality in the coming months,” said Openverse CEO Jo Xu.

“While developing a gateway for everyone to step into the metaverse, we are also building a strong lineup of partnerships with game studios, sports brands, artists and digital creators in an effort to bridge the gap between the physical and virtual economies. This will not only encourage more Web2 users to migrate to the metaverse, but also herald a new era for digital assets worldwide.”

About Amber Group

Headquartered in Singapore with offices spread across Asia, Europe, and the Americas, Amber Group is one of the world’s largest digital asset platforms. The team consists of 1000+ entrepreneurial technologists, traders, and engineers working toward designing and building frictionless marketplaces. Digital asset services offered by the company include investing, financing, and trading.

A number of major investors, including Sequoia, Temasek, Paradigm, Tiger Global, Dragonfly, Pantera, Coinbase Ventures, and, have provided funding for Amber Group.