Solana-based NFT game Plutonians releases metaverse, ecosystem tokens

Solana-based RPG video game Plutonians launched its first-ever metaverse and ecosystem tokens on April 19, namely the Plutonian DAO (PLD) and Republic Credits (RPC). Plutonians said they hoped the two tokens would shape the future of GameFi and the whole play-to-earn (P2E) environment.

Powered by both web2 and web3, the NFT metaverse game reportedly had a total supply of 350 million for PLD and 35 billion for RPC prepared for the launch event. Meanwhile, a report by Cryptomode suggested that the supplies of both tokens available were limited to 4.5 million and 450 million, respectively.

Plutonians chief technology officer Till Meyer explained that Plutonians covered three important aspects of the metaverse and was one of the only projects with such an advantage.

“To qualify as a metaverse you need three things: VR capability, compatibility, and blockchain persistent state. Plutonians is one of the only projects out there that hits all three,” Meyer said.

More on Plutonians

Plutonians tokens were released on both centralized exchange and Solana’s decentralized exchanges. One of them was, with which the project established a partnership alongside its brand new Solana wallet, Buzz.

The partnership was aimed to set attractive yet unique staking and earning system for holders of Plutonians tokens, allowing the project’s tokens holders to earn project exclusive NFTs and PU238 or Plutonians’ fuel token.

Plutonians’ exclusive NFTs include spaceships, engines, and weapons. These non-interchangeable blockchain data unit found their way into Solana’s NFT marketplace through the Solana network called Solanart.

In other words, NFTs that are exclusives to Plutonians are ones that are Solana-based, as the public blockchain platform happens to be an official partner of the project. This means the exclusive marketplace features in Solana are also available for Plutonians’ exclusive NFTs, which can be acquired and sold in Solanart.

Plutonians’ tokens, currency value, future plans

Plutonians’ new tokens do not only serve as the project’s native and official currencies, but also a “governance token” of the project, especially for PLD. However, only a few percentages of PLD from the initial supply were made available during the launch through a specific event.

At launch, PLD was valued at $0.125, while for the public sale round of the token, 3 percent of PLD’s 350 million initial supply or 10.5 million, only 15 percent were made available through a limited duration of business and a technical act called Token Generation Event (TGE).

Similar to PLD’s case, its token counterpart, RPC, also follows a similar token distribution mechanism. The project developer has also set up a supply cap out of the initial intended of 35 billion for RPC. While the exact amount has yet to be disclosed, RPC was valued at $0.00125, with multiple reports estimating the total sales amount of the token equaled $196,875.

The launch also revealed the developer’s plan to integrate Plutonians’ gameplay engine with Unreal, set to take place sometime later this year in September. After the integration, Plutonians is expected to release its Season 1 expansion pack in January 2023.