Calvaria almost completes token presale with 27% remaining

Calvaria, a new play-to-earn cryptocurrency game, is approaching the end of its $RIA token presale, with only 27 percent of the crypto tokens still available for purchase.

The presale is currently in Stage 5, its final stage. The current price of $RIA tokens is $0.0325, indicating a 225 percent gain for holders who bought $RIA at the start of the presale.

The presale is expected to generate $3.075 million for Calvaria by selling 150 million $RIA tokens or 15 percent of the total supply. After the presale, the Calvaria team plans to launch an initial exchange offering (IEO) for the token.

Calvaria’s IEO cost has yet to be confirmed. However, given the presale’s success and tremendous interest in Calvaria, the price may be considerably higher than the Stage 5 presale price.

Calvaria: More than mobile gaming

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity features a large cast of characters based on Mexican mythology. These include mythical warriors, epic monsters and mighty deities, presented as NFTs.

Calvaria allows players to try it out without committing to the game’s token ecosystem. Its free-to-play version opens up the game to players who are skeptical of P2E crypto gaming.

To play the game, new players do not need to spend anything or purchase any assets. Instead, they receive free NFTs that they can exchange or use to establish decks.

If players want to earn money while playing, Calvaria’s P2E crypto gaming ecosystem includes access to an afterlife-themed metaverse platform. Players can buy NFT trading cards in Calvaria and use the in their decks. Each card depicts a unique personality, complete with characteristics and strengths.

Calvaria also allows players to use crypto tokens in battles to elevate their opponents’ stakes and contribute to making the games more interesting. It has an in-app NFTs marketplace where players can conveniently exchange their crypto tokens for real cash.

Role of Calvaria’s native tokens

There are two tokens in the Calvaria ecosystem — $RIA and $eRIA. $RIA is an ERC-20 cryptocurrency that serves as the platform’s primary token and contributes to the game’s tokenomic ecology.

$RIA is primarily used to buy more NFT battle cards from Calvaria’s in-app marketplace. It can also be bartered for $eRIA. Using $RIA to strengthen a battle card deck allows players to win more $RIA.

Since $RIA is a proof-of-stake (PoS) coin with dual functionality, holders and players can invest $RIA and collect interest on it. Staking rewards will give 25 percent of the total $RIA supply and the right to vote in the Calvaria DAO.

$RIA presale has raised $2.23 million in less than two months, making it one of the best-performing presales. The presale was supposed to last ten stages, but due to market demand, its developers have reduced it to five.

$eRIA is awarded to game winners. Calvaria also gives users access to various establishments where they can compete for the $eRIA token.

There are other ways to gain a benefit besides fighting battles. The game’s creators regularly organize tournaments and other projects that allow players to earn money easily and quickly.

Calvaria is a multi-chain project, but the Calvaria team decided to build the project on the Polygon network. Recently, Calvaria agreed to work with the third and fourth largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Kucoin and Soon in 2023, Calvaria plans to create an in-house eSports team and host eSports competitions with large prize pools.