Gods Unchained to release first seasonal-themed card set

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The leading Web3 game Gods Unchained will release its first Christmas-themed NFT card set, Winter Wonderland, which will be available from December 14, 2022, until January 11, 2023.

The limited edition set has twenty festive-themed cards, which include unique holiday assets and digital cosmetics. The mini-set card set will also have several time-limited exclusive collectibles for players to customize their in-game experience.

The digital collection continues the exclusive story from the end of Season One, centered on the Goddess of Deception, Ludia, and her Champion, Orfeo, as the champions of Eucos venture into another world for the first time.

“The new set will be a truly special edition, and we wholeheartedly invite the Gods Unchained community to join us as this Christmas story unfolds,” said Gods Unchained executive producer Daniel Paez.

“And bear witness to this unique narrative that—for the first time ever—places the champions in a different world outside of Eucos.”

New set to feature six legendary champions

God’s Unchained’s six legendary champions will have their own unique Christmas-themed cards. Orfeo In Wanderlands is a 3-cost 1/1 Guild with Deadly. Its effect is as follows:

“Hidden for 1 turn. After your opponent plays a creature, attack it. Afterlife: Shuffle this creature into your deck.”

Orfeo In Wanderlands can force the opponent to play removal for just a three-mana card, which can lead to an early game advantage. Orfeo can quickly become annoying if the opponent fails to negate the Afterlife effect.

Merry Kadmos is a 5-cost 3/4 Light Olympian with Frontline. Players can pick one of his Roar effects: “Pull a creature from the board to the top of its controller’s deck, or Give +2/+2 to the Chosen One.”

Merry Kadmos works similarly to Youthful Brewmaster in Hearthstone. Players can use its effects to acquire cards they temporarily control for the rest of the game, re-trigger Roar effects or give their Chosen One a buff.

Sleigh Master Valka is a 5-cost 6/5 War Viking with Overkill. The card allows players with fewer than two hand cards to gain blitz. Because the card is a Viking archetype, it has a ton of support that can make it dangerous in the end game.

The Reinkeeper Selena is a 6-cost 3/3 Nature Amazon. The card allows the player to summon a base copy of a random Wild creature with a mana cost of three or less after she attacks. Its Roar effect can summon two 2/2 Reinbadgers with blitz.

Selena can easily help players reclaim board control thanks to her 7/7 for 6. Players can sync her with other Amazons to produce compelling results.

Snowshaper Pallas is a 6-cost 3/3 Magic Mystic. Her Roar & Ability effect transforms a creature into a 0/1 Snow Statue with the ability “Can’t attack.” She has one more mana than Ratify, but her impact is much more significant.

Frost Queen Neferu is a 4-cost 4/4 Death Anubian. She has the following effect:

“Each turn, after the first time your opponent draws a card, plays a card, uses their god power, and attacks with their relic, their god takes 2 damage.”

Neferu becomes a primary target for removal when she appears on the board because she forces the opponent to draw for additional damage if it triggers during either player’s turn.