Cardano-based Acardex launches NFT, play-to-earn racing game

Cardano-based decentralized exchange platform Acardex has announced its brand new play-to-earn racing game, the Acardex Racing. The team behind the project said they had a scheduled release date in Q3 this year.

Acardex’s new project is powered by its very own native cryptocurrency token, the ACX token. Alongside the racing project and ACX, the team said they aimed to provide built-in features and earning opportunities for players keen on expanding their crypto portfolio.

Moreover, Acardex Racing is part of the platform’s motorsport metaverse called the Acardex Motorsport. In addition to offering all sorts of digital assets trinkets and blockchain technology, the game also provides a platform to socialize, tradeable, and easily swapped tokens in exchanges where ACX token is listed.

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Acardex itself is based on the automated market maker protocol, the Cardano blockchain, which features a non-custodial decentralized exchange that prioritizes low-price swaps of the Cardano native tokens. Additionally, the platform said they were working on providing permissionless transactions.

“Acardex is an AMM based non-custodial decentralized exchange on the Cardano blockchain, that offers liquidity pool for its traders, allows its users to participate as liquidity providers while earning commission on every trade and create a market where others can swap their Cardano native tokens at a very low fee. This is the paramount reason for which Acardex was created,” Acardex’s whitepaper reads.

The team behind the project claimed that Acardex Racing would feel like any other traditional video game, with the exception that it was built on a blockchain platform. The P2E title will not only expose players to earning opportunities for in-game progression but also freedom in hosting private races from their network of contacts.

Like any other online title, the team confirmed that Acardex Racing would also have a guild feature and in-game voice chat. This allows socialization to take place among fellow racers within the Acardex gaming metaverse.

The game will also be slated for a mobile release, but the team has yet to provide further confirmation other than huge optimism. What has been confirmed, however, was that the team provided 5,555 luxury NFT cars. Both players and holders may use their cars collection in race tournaments.

Additionally, Acardex Racing’s luxury cars are not only playable but also listed on blockchain. This means the 3D NFTs cars are tradeable and can be used in transaction processes.

Other than the project being set for Q3 2022 release window, players may directly participate in Acardex Racing’s Alpha Inaugural tournament for a yet to be announced prize pool.

Acardex’s ACX

The team behind Acardex has allocated a total supply of 1,000,000,000 ACX. Additionally, 200,000,000 ACX tokens have been made available in the current ongoing pre-sale event.

Acardex’s team announced that users must use one of the Cardano-native wallets such as Yoroi Wallet, Daedalus Wallet, Nami Wallet, or Adalite Wallet, to participate in the pre-sale.

Additionally, the team, via Acardex’s website, also said that community participation would drive Acardex forward. Moreover, ACX token owners will be given access to the platform’s “decision-making ecosystem”.