Catheon Gaming to develop Web3 version of Tokyo Conception

Catheon Gaming has announced a partnership with Dancing Bonito Inc. and SPARK Inc. to develop a Web3 version of the action RPG game Tokyo Conception.

Tokyo Conception is set in the Japanese city of the same name. It follows the story of legendary beings known as Youkai on the mission to slay beasts that ravage the city and bring order back to the world. The game was released in 2018 and has been an enormous success, with over 2.5 million downloads and a peak of 100,000 daily and 400,000 monthly active users.

The blockchain-enabled version of Tokyo Conception will capitalize on its large and high-quality existing player base. The game will include a complete blockchain economic system with token and NFT elements.

“Tokyo Conception is an incredibly high-quality mobile game with a large existing player base. We are extremely excited to be working with the high-quality teams from Dancing Bonito Incorporated and SPARK Incorporated to bring this game to the blockchain,” Catheon Gaming founder and CEO William Wu said.

“The game was a hit in its initial release, and we are confident we can bring it back better than it was before with a focus on empowering players leveraging the blockchain”.

Founded by Japanese gaming industry experts, Dancing Bonito and SPARK will bring their experiences in developing AAA games to prepare Tokyo Conception for a full-scale entry into the blockchain gaming domain.

“We are thrilled about collaborating with Catheon Gaming in blockchain gaming and other areas. The Catheon Gaming team understands gaming products and Web3,” Dancing Bonito Inc. and SPARK Inc. said.

“They also have a one-stop blockchain game solution that can transfer our experience and capabilities in the game industry to the blockchain gaming market. We believe we can produce high-quality products together.”

Catheon Ecosystem token, Metaverse

Catheon Gaming, the number one Web3 startup in Hong Kong per the 2022 KPMG & HSBC Emerging Giants in Asia-Pacific report, released the Catheon Ecosystem token, $CATHEON, earlier this month. $CATHEON can now be purchased and traded on MEXC, Quickswap and The $CATHEON token debuted on Polygon and will serve as the universal governance and utility token of the Catheon Gaming ecosystem.

The $CATHEON token is a rebrand and relaunch of the $CHICKS token to significantly increase the accessibility and utility of the entire Catheon Gaming ecosystem (CGC), including the Catheon Labs advisory business, the Catheon Gaming Center and the Catheon Metaverse.

The Catheon Metaverse, also launched this month, is a unifying metaverse game that will be an essential component of the CGC. The primary goal of the metaverse is to provide a central hub for players of all Catheon Gaming games to engage with each other.

Users of the CGC will be able to access their NFTs from any Catheon game as an avatar in the open-world metaverse, giving them experiences beyond what is readily accessible in their native games. It will also allow users to use and trade NFTs across games and chains.

Catheon Metaverse will have features such as building and harvesting on private land, operating commerce locations and hyper-social events where users from different games can interact.

Real estate will be a vital component of the Catheon metaverse, with players being able to purchase, construct, decorate and customize their land plots. Player guilds can buy land plots together and construct guild lodges to foster a greater sense of community.