NEOWIZ partners with MODORI to develop NFT services for Intella X

NEOWIZ, a publicly traded South Korean game publishing company, has announced a partnership with MODORI, a blockchain-focused investment firm, to develop NFT services for its Web3 blockchain game platform, Intella X.

MODORI will assist NEOWIZ in providing a user-friendly NFT experience for users to seamlessly buy, sell and trade digital collectibles by leveraging its NFT operation expertise. With its experience in the developments and operations of various blockchain businesses, MODORI supports various wallets, marketplaces and launchpads.

MODORI offers investment, sales and marketing services to help businesses grow. The company has served prolific Web3 projects such as ELYSIA, a real-world asset tokenization project; ELYFI, a real-world asset-based DeFi and 3space Art, a project that connects digital art with reality.

NEOWIZ, a multi-platform developer founded in 1997, has a game library that includes various indie AAA titles, such as the rhythm game DJ MAX RESPECT V and the 2D platformer Skul: The Hero Slayer. NEOWIZ’s other popular games include the FIFA Online series, CrossFire, Black Squad and Special Forces.

Intella X

NEOWIZ previously announced a collaboration with the Indian crypto company Polygon to introduce Intella X. Polygon COO Michael Blank announced the partnership for the first time at Korea Blockchain Week 2022.

The blockchain gaming platform enabled NEOWIZ to introduce its IPs to Web3. In return, Intella X promises to return the shares of all generated revenue to ecosystem contributors, exemplifying the core principles of user ownership in Web3.

Intella X is built on the Polygon network to enable cheaper and faster transfers while using Ethereum’s security and decentralization. The platform is being developed to expand its services to other networks eventually.

“Intella X is a contributor-centric ecosystem, working very closely with Polygon to create a sustainable and expandable developer/user-friendly platform,” NEOWIZ co-CEO Taegeun Bae said.

NEOWIZ promises numerous opportunities to contribute and earn on Intella X. All users can start by staking or providing liquidity in the proprietary DEX to claim a return on Intella X’s native IX Token.

Users can also obtain the token by playing the platform’s games. At the same time, they will receive a portion of the platform’s revenue from in-app purchases, platform fees and so on, which is deposited into the Polygon and NEOWIZ crypto wallet, the IX Wallet.

IX Wallet, designed for game services, can communicate with any DeFi application, including DEXes, Bridges, non-fungible token (NFT) Launchpads, NFT Marketplaces and others.

Game developers who build and publish on Intella X can also participate in “Develop and Earn.” The algorithm computes both on-chain and off-chain data to determine the contribution rate for each developer’s game. The system allows developers to focus on what they do best without worrying about how other factors affect their share of the monthly distributed rewards.

Intella X has two upcoming social casino games, House of Poker and House of Slots, which will launch this year. Other titles in the works include Alliance of Valiant Arms, Crypto Golf Impact and Brave Nine. Two new blockchain games from NEOWIZ, Cats & Soup and Early Retired Cats Club, will be released in 2023.