Forbes establishes base in The Sandbox metaverse

Forbes, a well-known American business publication, has established a base in The Sandbox metaverse. It was designed by Polygonal Mind and will host a ground-breaking event as part of its increased push to adopt Web 3.0 today, November 10.

The event’s main goal is to give subscribers more options for connecting with the metaverse. Forbes members are given a wearable (Non-fungible token) NFT as their pass to the metaverse. The base has an NFT gallery featuring Forbes’ virtual NFT billionaires.

These billionaires’ portfolios and net worth are based on the New York Stock Exchange’s pricing. The Forbes metaverse base is open for all to explore.

During the event, attendees go on an entertaining and challenging quest to locate locations on the metaverse property, including a DJ booth, bar and dance floor. They will tour the renowned Forbes Highlander Yacht, a favorite hangout in the 1980s for people like Paul McCartney, Elizabeth Taylor and Henry and Nancy Kissinger. Attendees can also take on challenging and entertaining trivia about Forbes and its past.

“We envision this space to be a place where our community will convene, make new connections, learn, discover new ideas, entertain, and have fun,” Forbes CTO Vadim Supitskiy said.

“We’re always looking to provide more value to our members and offer them unique and engaging experiences – from the real world, Web2 and Web3.”

Forbes has written about the metaverse ever since the technology first emerged. In April 2021, it made its first official acknowledgment when it turned one of its covers into an NFT. After that, there were five more NFT covers in the Forbes 2021 Billionaires magazine issue.

Through the sales of its cover NFTs, Forbes has at least donated $333,333 to charity and made about $75,000 from its “Billionaires” NFT series.

In March this year, Forbes also hosted its first Forbes Digital Assets & Web3 Summit. In April, it unveiled its virtual Billionaires NFT collection, compiled in association with FTX.

Forbes metaverse event

To be eligible to attend the Forbes metaverse event, one has to subscribe to Forbes. Members interested in attending receive all the information they require via email from Sandbox. The email will also contain a wearable NFT that will serve as the entry ticket and directions to the event. However, to access it, it will require the installation of the Sandbox program.

Supitskiy said as attendees explored the estate, they could dance and enjoy themselves. While they are doing it, they will also be learning about Forbes. Supitskiy compared the journey to “a pool party area with a DJ and the freedom to do your own dance moves.”

Players start their mission after speaking with a non-player character who is Malcolm Forbes himself. The message “New objective unlocked: find the cocktail bar” will appear on the screen.

“As you can see, you get clues while looking around. Malcolm was famous for riding motorcycles, for example, and his car collection. So you get a lot of clues there. And then, to proceed, you [need] to answer… three questions as well,” Supitskiy explained.

The house contains virtual replicas of Forbes’s earlier possessions. Some objects display texts describing the publication’s history when players click them. Most of the game involves taking a tour of the artifacts and answering inquiries about the encounter. It takes about 12 minutes to finish the walkthrough.

“If you complete it Malcolm will congratulate you, and you’ll get some fireworks,” the CTO said.

Supitskiy also said the publisher planned to include more quests and events in the future.