Color Star rolls in update for metaverse app, now features games section

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International entertainment technology company Color Star Technology has announced a new feature for the Color World metaverse app. Right now, the app has its own games section. The update came after a series of development rounds.

Color World combines both AR and AI technologies, providing users with virtual experiences based on real locations. With the addition of the new section, the company said it aimed to keep on providing users with refreshing new content.

Color Star’s metaverse app was launched to provide users with digital assortments and to deliver life-like immersive interactions. Company CEO Lucas Capetian said that Color World was an “artificial intelligence + celebrity entertainment” platform that still adhered to the common practice of the metaverse while providing a new experience with high standards in graphics and competitive play.

Color Star rolls in new update for Color World

Capetian claimed that the company was able to attract a number of new business partners prior to he update. These huge numbers of supporters allowed the team to further develop the app.

“Many people who follow our team and our software have noticed that we have been publishing a lot of good news lately. This is because in the early stages of the Color World metaverse platform, we were able to attract many new business partners thanks to our strong userbase and technical content,” Capetian said.

The CEO also explained that the app now featured more locations, businesses, celebrities, games, and many more.

“In this update of our software, we updated all the locations, businesses, celebrities, games, and so on. We also gave some of our partners and users a part to play by being able to voice their opinions, which made us encouraged and trusted,” Capetian added.

“So, the release of one piece of good news after another is the best way to repay these supporters. Moreover, we hope to let everyone understand that Color World metaverse app is an “artificial intelligence + celebrity entertainment” metaverse entertainment platform, which is our biggest focus and advantage.”

More about Color World, currency, games

The company said Color World would soon feature its own currency, Rainbow Bears. The app also recently received a new game called Super Kart Racing.

The new game received positive responses for its graphics and gameplay from users involved in the pre-testing. With a seemingly huge interest in gaming, Color Star said it would be releasing more games after the success of Super Kart Racing.

Other than many more games, Capetian also added that the developer team would be providing “extraordinary entertainment technology” in the future.

“We will continue to play to our professional advantages and resources. Color Star will provide extraordinary entertainment technology for millions of users around the world,” the CEO continues.

“We encourage everyone to download the ‘color world metaverse’ application on Apple App Store and Android Google Play to experience our software and we also hope that more game companies will cooperate with us to release more high-quality games on our metaverse software platform.”