G-link, P2E mobile game store, announces plans to launch NFT, token

Play-to-earn (P2E) mobile game store G-Link has announced plans to launch its very own tokens and NFTs called the GLINK token and Chief Toad NFT. G-Link said their Chief Toad NFT collection would be available for minting starting from 5-7 July 2022, with a total supply of 10,000 at 0.08-0.1ETH.

Chief Toad NFT

G-Link explained that Chief Toad NFT holders would benefit from VIP membership access to G-Link’s gameverse platform. The VIP access allows players to “create guilds in the gameverse, enjoy higher in-game earnings, and early access to games in beta and to virtual land sales”.

“G-Link is committed to releasing casual to mid-core games that are actually fun, with more interactive and intricate gameplay. Four exciting games are slated for release in 2022, and over ten studios are in talks to add a greater variety of games to G-Link’s gameverse platform,” G-Link’s announcement reads.

G-Link’s upcoming games include (1) a racing game titled Kartopia, which is “great for solo play or social nights”, (2) a collectible card game called Card Master, which is made for “persistent collectors”, a kingdom-building simulation game titled SPE Colony, which is “ideal for the multi-dimensional strategists”, and (4) a simple arcade game titled Coin Fishing Frenzy, which will be “great for chill nights with friends”.

G-Link claimed that its platform would include a feature called GSwap, allowing players to retain the value they earn “by seamlessly trading between in-game assets”.

G-Link token

The Initial DEX Offering (IDO) for the GLINK token, G-Link’s Ethereum-based token, will be held later in August 2022. G-Link claimed that its token had a total supply of 1 billion tokens, 50 million of which would be made available for sale during the IDO. The token itself uses the ERC-20 standard.

G-Link explained that Chief Toad NFT holders would be entitled to a higher percentage of GLINK token airdrops. They are also automatically whitelisted for the token’s pre-sale.

The G-Link token is used for all transactions on the G-Link platform. These include using the GSwap to trade between in-game currencies, staking in the platform’s liquidity pool, and buying in-game assets, NFTs, and virtual lands. The token will also allow holders to access the platform’s incubator to “invest in your dream game” in addition to giving them DAO voting rights.

About G-Link

G-Link is a P2E mobile game store. the company said its mission was to “bring Web 2.0 users to Web 3.0 through the widespread pastime of mobile games” by “building the ecosystem that links the gaming community of gamers, game developers, and investors”.

G-Link argued that the mobile blockchain gaming industry held a potential that needed to be “unleashed”, saying that there was a decline in the large traditional gaming industry despite recording a revenue of $178.37 billion in 2021.

That being said, blockchain gaming’s revenue was $2.32 billion by Q3 of 2021. While it is obvious that the revenue of the traditional gaming industry was higher, blockchain gaming showed more significant growth of 722.7 percent year on year compared to traditional gaming’s 15.1 percent.